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Heros Paths.

The Paladin Heropath. Those who acquire this path are normally brought to it by suffering or observing a great injustice which they burn to change. Conversely, some are brought to it by a desire to preserve justice and lawful rule.

Benefits of the Path.

  • Paladins resist or temper the effects of magic used against them by +4/20%, and deal similarly with poisons, bodychanging magics or death magics. This increases to +5/25% when dealing with breath based attacks. Any such attack from an Evil source garners an additional +2/10% bonus.
  • Paladins are +5% with all weapons and shields of a chivalric nature. This applies to any weapon carried by the elite or noble classes of their culture.
  • Paladins gain 3 weapon proficiencies [ adding an additional +10%], though these must be devoted to weapons that denote their 'station'. In the local case, this would be sword, lance and a hurled weapon of some sort [the javelin is traditional].
  • Paladins may specialise in a weapon, similar to a fighter. However, unlike the fighter they may not 'double specialise'. This speciality is almost always a sword, and costs an extra proficiency.
  • A paladin can perceive evil through their senses by concentrating. This has an effective use of Pow x 5 feet. 'Hidden' evil can only be sensed after a relevant perception skill success, unless it is an embodiment of 'otherworldy' evil, such as a demon or Evil cleric.
  • Cleanse. A paladin may 'lay on hands' to remove 2hp of damage [stop bleeding], cure a disease or temper the effects of poison [-2 to potency]. They may perform the first once a day, the latter two once a week.
  • Protectin from evil. The paladin radiates an aura that renders them untouchable by otherworldy beings of Evil. It also effects any attack against the paladin by such creatures [and any sworn to evil or its higher powers] reducing them by 10%. This is continuous and cannot be dispelled or repressed by any being short of a God.
  • Paladins speak the High tongue at 30%.
  • Paladins radiate good. People may notice this.
  • Paladins get a D10 of divine favour, which can be used to negate or reduce hp damage once a day.

Paladin HeroPath Degrees

Degree, then number of hero points needed. Additional benefits listed

  • 1st Degree: 3 HP. All listed benefits above.
  • 2nd Degree: 6 HP. +1 divine favour [per level hereafter]. +5% with all chivalric weapons/shields [per level hereafter].
  • 3rd Degree: 12 HP. +1 weapon proficiency [per two levels hereafter] +1/+5% to all resistances. Turn undead as a cleric [two degrees lower].
  • 4th Degree: 24 HP. Attain a warhorse.
  • 5th Degree: 48 HP. +1/+5% to all resistances.
  • 6th Degree: 96 HP. +1/+5% to all resistances. +1 additional attack per 2 rounds [per four levels hereafter]
  • 7th Degree: 175 HP. +1/+5% to all resistances.
  • 8th Degree: 275 HP.
  • 9th Degree: +275 HP hereafter. Attains a holding. +1/+5% to all resistances. attain 1st circle of cleric spells. Become a Knight.
  • 10th Degree
  • 11th Degree
  • 12th Degree