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Justice, The Battlebabe[edit]

Justice in the flesh

Guess Ma could look into the future. Said I'd need my name out here.


Woman, Luxe Wear, Striking Face, Frosty Eyes, Muscular Body



Harm: 0
XP: 3/5


Ice Cold: when you go aggro on an NPC, roll+cool instead of roll+hard. When you go aggro on another player’s character, roll+Hx instead of roll+hard.
Impossible Reflexes: the way you move unencumbered counts as armor. If you’re naked or nearly naked, 2-armor; if you’re wearing non-armor fashion, 1-armor. If you’re wearing armor, use it instead.


• 2 custom weapons (Order & The Law)
• oddments worth 3-barter
• stylish luxe suit
• A motorcycle (Steed)

Custom Weapons[edit]

"Order", Spiked Baseball Bat (2-harm hand valuable)
-Handle w/ Spikes, Antique
"The Law", .50 Modified Pistol (3-harm close loud)
-Handgun w/ Big, Semi-Automatic


Steed: speed +1, handling=0, 0-armor, massive=0
-Strengths: Fast, workhorse
-Looks: Sleek
-Weaknesses: Loud, picky


Justice can trust Desire, Jay, Dora and Ehrenschild.
Justice cannot trust Playboy or Aspen.
Justice is friends with Desire.
Justice's soul was seen laid bare by Aspen.

Common Gigs[edit]

• Raid, or rob a wealthy population.
• Serve a wealthy NPC as a bodyguard.
• Hunt bounties (Dead or Alive) on behalf of a wealthy NPC.


Start of Game Questions[edit]

Justice, you aren't from around here, so where are you from most recently? What is the way like between there and the current community?

Megalopolis. Not the first place I settled down, but definitely the last one before here. Built out of the shell of a bigger city from the old times. They say you can find whatever you want there, if you've got the jingle, the time and the friends. Made a lot of friends. Made even more enemies. You kill or capture enough people, your name starts to spread. People come out of the walls for revenge, maybe to make a name for themselves. I lost some walls that way. Friends too. Eventually, one of those enemies ends up being bigger than you can deal with.

So you take a few days ride through the flats, heading due east. That's how you get here at least. My friends, the ones that were still alive? They went every way but east. Not that we're not friends, just safer that way. Where I am, trouble seems to follow.

Justice, what have you heard is on the other side of the Division's patrols, that they stand guard against? What signs of what they guard against have you seen in your travels?

I've heard all sorts. Massive bands of raiders, something bigger than anything on this side of the Divide. Weird experimental beasts made for war. Another bigger force, just like them, fighting over who gets to be the big badasses of the New World. Some people even think it's some sort of disease that they've got scientists working on. You hear a lot of things, and it's hard figuring out which one's right.

Whatever's over there, though, it gives birth to some big motherfuckers. Was driving by some sort of radio tower or whatever that the Division was holding onto, keeping decent distance but using them as a bit of cover from the raiders. All of a sudden, a pair of.. I'd call 'em men but I'm not even sure. Walked upright but definitely bigger than the average person. Mobile stacks of meat and muscle tearing through their defenses. I didn't stick around to help, because no one asked for it, but they definitely left an impression. The Division still has the tower, but I couldn't tell you how many they lost.

How did Aspen look into Justice's soul?

The first time I saw Aspen. He was doing his usual preaching or whatever he wants to call it. Just looked like some older man shouting nonsense for a second. Looked straight into my eyes. Saw him get lost in them, like he was seeing whatever was inside me. Still don't know exactly what he saw, but since then, I haven't trusted him. Not that I think he's lying about who he is, just that I think someone who can do that ain't gonna keep to just quietly searching others without trying to use that. Not even sure I want to know what he saw.

What He Saw: A lioness in a makeshift jungle, the green mixed with red and orange of fire. The constant forward motion, keeping the darkness at bay but never leaving it behind. Whether the darkness is following or chasing isn't clear. The view in front changes between prey and other predators, the dead getting burned up instantly. The dream ends with the lioness standing alone, unsure, before starting again.