The Past Is Never Gone:PC Playboy

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Playbook: Faceless

Name: Playboy

Stats: Cool=0 Hard+2 Hot+1 Sharp-1 Weird+1

Moves: Rasputin Oh Yeah! Juggernaut

Look: Female Showy armor Calculating eyes Tall gangly body

Mask Carved battered devil mask with a perpetual toothy grin Without the mask I am: ashamed

Weapon: Axe (3-harm hand messy)

Gear: Axe Tailored motocross-style body armor with fading artwork on it (1-armor) Oddments (2-barter) Diary

Hx On your turn, ask 1, 2, or all 3: • Which one of you once helped me do something terrible? For that character, write Hx+3. • Which one of you was once kind and unafraid toward me? For that character, write Hx+2. • Which one of you do I think is pretty? For that character, write Hx+1. For everyone else, write Hx

EDIT: Playboy’s bike, Baby: Motorcycle Strengths fast, tight Look: sleek Weaknesses: guzzler, temperamental

Stats: massive 0, speed +1, handling-0, armor-0