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Adeline is the second child of Antoine, vicomte de Lebreaux, a loyal, but unexceptional Gallinean noble. The same, for a time, could be said about Adeline herself - apart from showing a great deal of talent for dancing, she was just another young noble's daughter, with perhaps some chances to be appointed a lady-in-waiting.

It all changed when the girl was 12. She was reading in the garden, and her brother was practicing his fencing skills - one moment, she looked up from the book and, after watching for several seconds, siad, "That second step looks wrong - doesn't it throw you off-balance?"

"Well then, show me how do you think it should be done", the boy, three years her senior, said teasingly, cutting a twig from a nearby tree and handing it to Adeline. Several seconds later, he asked, in a weak voice, "Could you do it again? A bit... slower?"

It took several minutes for the boy to call for their father, and several days for vicomte to arrange fencing lessons for Adeline - but, anyway, rather soon if was obvious that while she, of course, would serve Her Majesty - for one of Lebreaux family, that was a no-brainer - but it certainly won't be as a lady-in-waiting.

Classes & Advancement
Courtier Duelist
Noble [d10] Soldier [d6]
Competency Die [d6] Yield Limit 9
XP Earned 0 XP Spent 0

Character Details
Gender: Female Sexuality: Unsure
Height: 5'4" Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Age: 17 Birthstone: Amethist
Nationality: Lutetian Religion: Asrian
Occupation: Cavalier-in-training Residence: Lutetia
Affiliation: The Queen's Cavaliers Reputation: A dancer with a blade

[x] Albian [x] Ekalian [x] Gallinean (N) [ ] Ifrani
[ ] Old Qartan [ ] Ondalese [ ] Talanian [ ] Varendish

Passions & Personifications
[d12] Loyalty Queen Mariana II
[d10] Artistry Justine, an up-and-coming young singer in Lutecian Opera
[d8] Family Vicomte de Lebreaux, Adeline's father
[d6] Pride (Spiritsongstress's character?)

Attributes, Skills, & Specialties
Competency [d6] Verve [d10] Affinity [d6] Guile [d8]
[ ] Clockworks
[x] Defense Parry +2 Dodge +2
[x] Dueling Lunge +2 Riposte +2 Feint +2
[x] Education Arts +1 Society +1
[x] Initiative
[x] Interaction Negotiate +1 Decieve +1
[ ] Magicks
[ ] Medicine
[x] Military
[ ] Nature
[x] Observation Intuition +1
[x] Streetwise Banter +1

Style Maneuvers
Reroll Observation: Spend 1 Style Point to reroll an Observation roll.
Maximize Sword: Spend 1 Style Point to set the value of one Sword die to its maximum value before rolling.
Add Arts to Parry: When fighting with a rapier in one hand and the other hand empty, spend 1 Style Point to add Arts dice to a Parry roll.

Weapon & Armor Prowess
Weapons Armors
[x] Knife [d6] [x] Leather Jerkin [d6]
[x] Sword [d8] [ ] Steel Breastplate [d10]
[ ] Pike [d10] [x] Buckler [d8]
[ ] Quarterstaff [d6]
[ ] Bow [d6]
[ ] Crossbow [d8]
[x] Pistol [d6]
[ ] Musket [d10]
[ ] Cannon [d12]

Wealth Pool: [d6] [d6] [d10]
Barter Dice: [d6] [d8]
Rewards: [d10]

Weapons, Armor, & Other Equipment
Rapier (Sword) Weapon [d8]

Swashbuckler Outfit
Body Item Color Charm/Armor Die
Head Cavalier Hat Argent
Chest Doublet Purpure
Arms Soldier's Gloves Purpure Parry (d6)
Legs Breeches Argent Lunge (d6)
Feet Boots Purpure
Shoulders Cape Argent

Courtly outfit
Body Item Color Charm/Armor Die
Head Hair Ribbons Celeste
Chest Bodice Argent
Arms Courtier's Gloves Argent
Legs Skirt Argent
Feet Chopines Argent

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