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France.jpg France was an odd child. The kind that always gets into not merely the strange and unusual, but the... just plain wrong. She was sold off by her parents when she was still a child (not legally, of course, but it happens) to factory labor. Small hands working free, it was an ideal move for the owners and a terrible one for her. Naturally enough.

Still, France managed to distinguish herself from the other children in the horrid factory by actually understanding how the machines worked, and fixing them when they fell apart. She was fast tracked to more useful work in repairs. When she was fourteen she decided that enough was enough and caused a major chain reaction that leveled the factory. It seemed appropriate. After that, France managed to apprentice herself to Monsieur Igalfi. She spent several years tutoring under him and... while she had a natural affinity for machines, it didn't entirely overcome her reckless zeal. She managed to get her own arm torn off by a robotic dog of her own making, and Igalfi forced her to make her own replacement. It turned out to be her final work for him, however, as she was considered a full Mechanician after he saw the work that she did on it. However, due to her reputation as reckless, crazy and... uh, explosive, young woman, she found it most difficult to find work. In the end she found herself taking a much in demand job in the constabulary. In time this, along with her ongoing personal work in clockworks, led to her work for the Queen herself. She is still young, untested and... explosive.

Classes & Advancement
Constable Mechanician
Soldier [d6] Artisan [d8]
Competency Die [d6] Yield Limit 9
XP Earned 0 XP Spent 0

Character Details
Gender: Female Sexuality: No one has been brave enough to ask... including France.
Height: 5'1" Weight: 132 lbs. (11 of which are the arm)
Hair Color: Brown, once, but seeing as she doesn't grow hair uniformly anywhere she tends to wigs. Eye Color: Gray
Age: 19 Birthstone: Sapphire
Nationality: Gallinean Religion: Deist. France doesn't think much about religion, but when she does she tends to think that whatever goddess made the world, she clearly made it to run independent of interference.
Occupation: Rookie Police Constable and Part Time Mad Clockworker Residence: A Low Rent, No Questions Apartment just shy of the Seediest Parts
Affiliation: The Queen's Cavaliers Reputation: Explosive Clockworker

[X] Albian [ ] Ekalian [x] Gallinean [ ] Ifrani
[ ] Old Qartan [ ] Ondalese (n) [ ] Talanian [ ] Varendish

Passions & Personifications
[d12] Artistry My arm, my current masterwork.
[d10] Pride Monsieur Igalfi, the man who made me who I am today.
[d8] Knowledge Olaf Harrisford, a strange Albian scientist of no small renown
[d6] Justice Isabelle Fortun, the woman who was almost a sister to me and yet who I have condemned to the gallows. She is to hang a month from now.

Attributes, Skills, & Specialties
Competency [d6] Verve [d8] Affinity [d6] Guile [d10]
[X] Clockworks Activate +2 Repair +2 Invent +2
[X] Defense Parry +1
[X] Dueling Riposte +1
[X] Education Society +1 Science +1
[X] Initiative
[X] Interaction Negotiate +1
[ ] Magicks
[ ] Medicine
[X] Military Brawl +1 Aim +1
[X] Nature Explore +1
[X] Observation Deduce +2
[X] Streetwise

Style Maneuvers
Maximize Aim: Spend 1 Style Point to set the value of one Aim die to its maximum value before rolling.
Add Activate to Aim: When using clockwork weapons, spend 1 Style Point to add Activate dice to an Aim roll.
Maximize Invent: Spend 1 Style Point to set the value of one Invent die to its maximum value before rolling.
Add Brawl to Riposte: When making a riposte with one hand free, spend 1 Style Point to add Brawl dice to a Riposte roll.

Weapon & Armor Prowess
Weapons Armors
[x] Knife [d6] [x] Leather Jerkin [d8]
[x] Sword [d8] [X] Steel Breastplate [d10]
[ ] Pike [d10] [ ] Buckler [d8]
[ ] Quarterstaff [d6]
[X] Bow [d6]
[ ] Crossbow [d8]
[X] Pistol [d6]
[X] Musket [d10]
[X] Cannon [d12]

Wealth Pool: [d10] [d6] [d6]
Barter Dice: d10; d8

Weapons, Armor, & Other Equipment
Musket Weapon [d10]
Steel Breastplate Armor [d10]
Mechanical Arm (right) Replaces arm; D6 Armor Die but Drop 1 with Dueling and Aim rolls using arm
Smallsword Weapon [d6]
Clockwork Pistol Weapon [d6], No Gunpowder and Quieter than a Normal Pistol
Autoloader (Pistol) Reduce Drop Penalty by 1 when Reloading Weapon.
Autoloader (Musket) Reduce Drop Penalty by 1 when Reloading Weapon.
Wrist Holster (Pistol) Reduce Drop Penalty by 1 when Drawing Weapon.
Pocket Watch Keeps Excellent Time.
Repair Tools Repair Bonus [d6]
Artisans Tools Clockworking [d6]
Constable Uniform
Clockworker Outfit

Constable Uniform
Body Item Color Charm/Armor Die
Head Capotain Red
Chest Steel Breastplate Steel Armor [d810]
Arms Soldier's Gloves Red
Legs Breeches Black
Feet Boots Red
Shoulders Tabbard The Crest of our beloved Queen

Clockworker Outfit
Body Item Color Charm/Armor Die
Head Gearspring Goggles Dark tinted, metal rimmed
Chest Smock Possibly... white? Under all that, I mean...
Arms Craftsman's Gloves Brown, stained other colors
Legs Breeches Once gray
Feet Pantofles A dull brown

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