The RiverHawk

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==="The RiverHawk"===
Modified BARQUE-class w/ hidden CATAMARAN fittings Sarcosan/Gnome/Miransil
Mode: Riverine; drift, sails or towlines. Seagoing; current-seekers.
Speed: Very Fast.
Stability: 5 at sea, 8 on rivers.
Crew: 6-20.
Advantages: 2 Auxiliary craft, shallow draft, larger than average cargo space, Current-seekers (hidden).
Disadvantages: Cramped, unreliable 1-5 chance, dangerous speeds.

Captain: "Granger" Jon Gallo (Sarcosan, 36)
First Mate: "Troll" (male Oruk formerly of the JungleDemon Clan, 38)
Engineer: Karrie (female Elfling, 17)
Navigator: Stenzil McCracker (male Gnome, 43)
Mate: Whisp Seawind (male Miransil, 24)
Mate: Hedwall (male Dworg, 53)
Mate: Jane McClanahan (male Erenlander, 36)
Borros: team of 4 for towing
Horses: 2 horses (Granger and Troll)
Dog: "Mop"

The RiverHawk is a unique ship. She'd been passed along several smugglers up and down the Eren River in the last 75 years until Granger won her in a knife game/fight with a Miransil pirate named Tallo Breeze. Captain Gallo was surprised to find that in the RiverHawk's hold lay a dying Oruk whom he nursed back to health (at first in fear) then later becoming friends. Gallo gathered a crew, as many as 16 different mates have come and gone in the last 8 years but the group has recently settled for the past 6 months. The RiverHawk is also unique in it's construction, built much like a Gnome Barque ship it was retro-fitted at some point by Tallo Breeze to include a Current-seeker rudder system. She features twin hulls with a mesh platform, made with additions of crafted ogrewood planks. Known in smuggling circles as the fastest, river-going craft on the Eren used as courier, light trader and passenger transport.

*Current-seekers are a kind of scooped, deployable rudder that lets the ship unerringly follow ocean currents as if traveling with a flowing river, this creates an even faster and much more dangerous river speed when used.

PS. the "ages" noted are that age for whatever it should be per race)

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