The Sanguine Squad: The Reformed

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Shrapnel the Reformed


Real Name:
Ashley Bishop (always Ash)

Ambiguous, white, sad eyes, concealing fashion, damaged costume.

Ash is female, but tends to dress in androgynous or tomboyish clothes. Her costume is black and silver, shiny metal armour pieces that she’s shaped with her powers over cloth. She got caught in an explosion on her first outing, and she decided she liked the battle-damaged look of her armour and kept it.

[Shrapnel's mask]



Danger +2
Freak +3
Saviour =0
Superior =0
Mundane =0

Danger +2
Freak +1
Saviour -1
Superior =0
Mundane +1

Reformed Moves:[edit]

What the hell, hero?: When you call out an injustice that a hero has perpetrated, roll + Danger. On a hit, take Influence over them. On a 7-9, choose one; on a 10+, choose two: You get them to admit their wrongdoing; You win over an onlooker and take Influence over them; You don’t turn their attention and anger onto yourself. On a miss, they dismiss you; mark a condition (their choice), shift Danger up and Saviour down.

Do me a favour: When you go to an ordinary civilian you know for a favour, roll + Mundane. On a 10+, they’ll lend you a hand. On a 7-9, they need a promise up front. On a miss, you catch them up in your superpowered nonsense, and they suffer for it.

Other Moves:[edit]

The Mask: Once per session, you can affirm either your heroic or secret identity to switch your Mundane with your Danger. When you reveal your secret identity to someone who didn’t know it already, mark potential.

Team Moves:[edit]

When you share a moment of triumph with someone, ask them what gives them hope for a brighter day and give them Influence.

When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them what they would do something dark for and gain Influence over them.


Friends in Low Places: You have ties to villains from your previous career. When you come to them for help with your problems, mark obligation on them and they’ll help out within their speciality. If all their boxes are full, then they won’t help you until you help them. When you help one of these villains with their problems, erase two obligations on them.

When time passes, roll + your highest obligation. On a 10+, they come crashing into your life with a crisis. On a 7-9, they call for a favour. On a miss, they don’t come knocking yet, but mark obligation with them; the debts are getting heavier.

The Mad Magpie
Speciality: Alien tech
Obligation: xxoo

Speciality: Insider info
Obligation: xxxo

Ellen ‘Devil’ Drummond
Speciality: Cosmic artifacts
Obligation: xooo

Drives: When you fulfil a drive, cross it off, and choose one: mark potential, clear a condition, take Influence over someone involved. When your four drives are all crossed off, choose four new drives. When all drives are crossed off, change playbooks, retire from the life, or become a paragon of the city.

x lead the team successfully in battle
x help a teammate when they most need you
o kiss someone dangerous
o reject someone who tells you "you shouldn’t be here"

- punch someone you probably shouldn’t
- take down a threat all on your own
- outperform an adult hero
- save a teammate’s life
- pull off a ridiculous stunt
- get drunk or high with a teammate
- drive a fantastical vehicle
- earn the respect of a hero you admire
- make out with a teammate
- punch out a teammate
- break up with someone
- stop a fight with calm words
- tell someone your true feelings for them
- travel to an incredible place (or time)
- get a new costume
- get a new hero name

Moment of Truth:[edit]

x You’ve seen your greatest mistakes, and the rest of the world has, too. They’re all watching you now, judging every move you make. When everything is on the line and your back is against the wall, though, you’ll show them what you’re made of—that being a hero is a choice. An act of will. And you’ve got what it takes to save the day. Of course, afterward, you can expect both sides, hero and villain, to deeply question where your loyalties truly lie...


o Take another move from your playbook
o Take another move from your playbook
x Take a move from another playbook
o Take a move from another playbook
x Someone permanently loses Influence over you; add +1 to a Label
x Rearrange your Labels as you choose, and add +1 to a Label
x Unlock your Moment of Truth
x Take drives and mark four (from the Beacon’s playbook)

When you’ve taken five advances from the top list, you can take advances from the list below:

o Unlock your Moment of Truth after it’s been used once
o Change playbooks
o Take an adult move
o Take an adult move
o Lock a Label, and add +1 to a Label of your choice
o Retire from the life or become a paragon of the city


I’ve earned the trust of Quicksilver, and I follow their example of what a hero should be.

I did something terrible to Ehri once. I hope they can forgive me one day.


Quicksilver, Brick and Bell have influence over Shrapnel.


  • A couple of years ago Ash was at a lab where her mom was working late when robots broke in to steal a container of alien smart metal.
  • Superhero team called Brute Force foiled the robbery. Enhanced Bronze-Gen vigilante types with names like Collateral and Overkill and Hardcase.
  • One of them destroyed the container rather than let it be stolen for nefarious purposes. Ash got a shard of the metal lodged in her spine.
  • Hospital found the shard couldn't be removed because it had partly bonded with her nervous system and the damage would continue to spread.
  • One night the Blacksmith turned up in hospital. He'd been the one behind the robbery, but he'd expected the lab to be empty and was mortified that anyone got hurt. He promised to make things right somehow.
  • He ended up visiting Ash several times as her condition worsened, sharing his plans and stories of his adventures. She never got so much as an apology from the superheroes involved.
  • Months later he found a way to fix the damage, not by removing the metal but instead by fully fusing it with her. It was risky, but by this point she was in a wheelchair and desperate enough to try.
  • It not only worked, it gave her control over metal. Under the guise of an apprenticeship, she learned how to control her new powers under the Blacksmith and became his sidekick.
  • After about a year of this, the Blacksmith was jailed by his nemesis the Silver Sentinel following an attempt to take over AEGIS defence tech. He told Shrapnel not to try to spring him, as he had plans in motion from the inside and didn’t want to risk her being locked up as well.
  • Shrapnel then spent several months operating on her own, taking increasingly bigger risks and with less of a plan beyond vengeance against the world of superheroes. Her last public outing was against the Sentinel, where she was hopelessly outclassed but managed to escape after hitting the Sentinel with a school bus.
  • It was Ambassador Bell who put Ash in contact with the team, approaching her in her civilian identity when she was wracked with doubts and putting her on a new path. Quite how Bell knows so much about her, and what exactly her intentions are, Shrapnel doesn’t know.


Who mentored you in supervillainy?

The Blacksmith, a Silver-Gen genius roboticist and engineer who wants to force the world into a utopian state where it's protected and provided for by robots and watched over by an AI. They very much have a father-and-daughter relationship as well as teacher-and-student, compounded by Ash growing up without an actual father. Ash's mother knows him as Dr Smith, who pioneered the experimental procedure that saved her daughter's life and subsequently offered her an apprenticeship.

Who first showed you that you could do good?

Devil Drummond, although maybe not intentionally. On a mission from the Blacksmith, Shrapnel was in the market for anti-magic protection for their next job. In Drummond’s bazaar, she accidentally touched a broken oracular mirror that showed fragments of potential futures, and saw herself standing with a team of superheroes in gleaming armour, along with visions of herself in the Blacksmith’s utopia and herself walking through the ruins of Halcyon.

What was your goal as a villain?

As the Blacksmith's sidekick, mostly stealing tech and resources to help further his plans and provide a generous allowance for herself and her mother. But with a side helping of retribution against superheroes who she saw as corrupt or selfish or dangerous enough to deserve punishment, which thanks to her influences at the time was most of them. After the Blacksmith was jailed and she was operating on her own, one of her most infamous encounters was when she hospitalised Switchblade, a member of Brute Force, by tearing out her cybernetic implants.

What caused you to switch sides?

During her revenge-fuelled clash with the Sentinel, she saw him throw himself in the path of a school bus she’d flung aside, to save a schoolgirl bystander she hadn’t even noticed. That was when she realised how close she’d come to crippling or killing an innocent, just as the Blacksmith had two years ago, and how far she’d drifted from her original intent to help and protect people.

Why do you care about the team?

They’re not like anyone else she knows in the supers community. They’re not perfect, but they genuinely care about people, over and above any personal goals and self-interest. They’re the kind of people she wants to be, and maybe always wanted to be.

Blacksmith is still locked up, yeah? Do you visit? What's that deal like now?

He's still in jail, yep. Ash visited him once, just after he was arrested, when he told her that he had things in hand and not to come again for a while to avoid suspicion. After her confrontation with the Sentinel, she put in a request for a second visit, but it went unapproved. She has no idea what he thinks of her now that her first outing with the team has been in the news.

Who do you live with, or if you're on your own, who regularly calls or drops by to check on you?

Ash lives with her mom, who's smart but not supergenius-smart and works as a lab assistant/tech at Paragon Innovations, a research lab founded by a retired Silver-Gen robot hero. They get on well, although Ash's mom was concerned about her during her recent low period and doesn't always approve of her friends.

Who in the supers community do you have a crush on?

Besides Finch, who Shrapnel is not entirely over? Shrapnel had a string of clashes with Daybreak, a glowy humanoid alien with light-control powers. Shrapnel thinks they're pretty cool despite being on opposite sides, and some of their fight-and-chase banter has been distinctly flirty.

There's also Arquero, a cat-burglar Shrapnel worked with a couple of times. She's a thief, but she only steals from big corporations and the wealthy, and the money goes to the poor neighbourhood she lives in. And yes, she wears a hood and uses a bow. No green tights, though. As far as Shrapnel is aware that particular crush is one-sided.

Other contacts:[edit]

The Mad Magpie, an alien tech dealer who's also an alien tech dealer. Known as the Magpie both for his avian appearance and his tendency to collect shiny objects. He was the one who provided the equipment and expertise to integrate the smart metal into Ash's body and heal her injuries.

Bluefinch is, as far as most people know, a perfectly normal social-media app and website, a locally-grown competitor to things like Twitter and Facebook. Behind the public face of the company, however, is Blackfinch, a networking and intel-sharing system exclusive to supervillains. And behind that is the Finch, an anonymous figure who can tell you which Aegis site has your power armour in lockup, which crimelord is moving on your neighbourhood, or exactly which exotic element your nemesis is vulnerable to...for a price. Shrapnel is one of the very few villains who’s met the Finch face-to-face; she’s a wheelchair-bound teen hacker with a grudge against superheroes and a business plan to retire by thirty. The two of them bonded over shared life experiences and even dated for a while, although Shrapnel’s recent turn to heroism put an end to their personal relationship and a big strain on their professional one.

Ellen 'Devil' Drummond is a trader in cosmic artifacts and mystic relics. She's originally from another dimension, and has some ability to perceive alternate realities and possible futures that she uses to locate items of power and find new owners for them.

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