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A game wiki using Evil Hat's Fate Accelerated. This Wiki page is for storage and journaling of game material for part two of “The Serpent Wars” — Rise of the Dragon campaign set in the Vilhon Reach area of the Forgotten Realms.

Map of the Vilhon Reach area found here. Wiki article on the Reach here.



The campaign will draw upon very few setting sources, allowing for growth and the possibility to change canon. These include:

House rules will be made as we go. FAE is a flexible ruleset that should be able to handle any needs as-is, though some list of powers and permissions granted by game aspects may be elucidated as required.

Player Characters[edit]

Anton de Mathesio[edit]

Description. House de Mathesio was a rising mercantile house in Amn, owning interests in the shipping trade to Maztica as well as various forests and mines in the country’s interior. However, the scion of the family, Anton, was something of a disappointment to his hardheaded parents. From his earliest years, he was fascinated by stories of magic and enchantment –even though, in magic-fearing Amn, these cautionary stories inevitably ended in tragedy for any who dared to dabble in the forbidden arts.

Anton was always far too wild and restless to learn anything at all of bookkeeping. He had enough natural talent to make a capable swordsman, and his parents were considering sending him to the army on strength of that, when disaster struck. Anton, it was discovered, had been paying a local hedge-witch for lessons in magic and alchemy. The superstitious old woman knew little of the greater arts, and the authorities had more or less turned a blind eye to her practises, but a member of the nobility learning from her was a different matter. Anton’s parents planned to ruin themselves bribing the correct magistrates to allow their son to go free, but Anton had other ideas. He simply slipped away from the family castle one night, planning to make his way to lands further east, where he could finally study magic at will.

Anton is a charming but impractical individual. Besides his passion for magic, he has a generally romantic view of the world, a boundless passion for poetry, and various chivalrous impulses. The truth is that his qualities are not at all suited to the slow and steady study of magic and most potential mentors would reject him out of hand -but perhaps he'll find a way to learn all the same.

High Concept. Dashing Mystic Swordsman

Trouble. “Until Next Time, Dmetrio!”

Aspects. The Code Duello; Tricks I Don’t Fully Understand; The Hypotenuse in a Love Triangle


  • Good (+3). Flashy
  • Fair (+2). Clever, Quick
  • Average (+1). Forceful, Sneaky
  • Mediocre (+0). Careful

Refresh. 3

Stress & Consequences.

  • [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]
  • [ 2 ] Mild.
  • [ 4 ] Moderate.
  • [ 6 ] Severe.


Description. Iraedra does not know the circumstances of her birth. She was raised a slave in Thay, stolen from whomever her parents were when she was but an infant. Developing an understandable distaste for sorcerers while in that land, she eventually slew her owner when he came home drunk, strangling him. She fled justice and struggled to survive in the wild and among the common people of Thay, growing increasingly incensed at the oppression there. Eventually, she was caught by the authorities, and then rescued by a friendly sorceress from a neighboring realm.

Iraedra spent some time struggling with the idea of decent wizards, and on Midnight's ascension, Iraedra was one of the first to be called to service by the new goddess. She has spent the past ten years training and beginning her calling.

Iraedra is a woman who is still learning. She sees it as her duty to learn what it means to be a paladin even as her goddess is learning what it means to be divine. She is open to new ideas and tends to do her best thinking on her feet, but her uncertainty also leaves her a bit prone to being provoked or confused.

She always carries with her her Trusty Sword (Pinnace) and an old blue scarf gifted her by the sorceress who saved her life. She wears it at her hip, in the fashion of the women of Cormyr; but where they wear purple scarves to show they seek romance, Iraedra wears a blue one for her search for her goddess.

High Concept. Knightly Paladin, seeking to serve Mystra

Trouble. Entangled in the Weave

Aspects. Draw your steel, blackhearts! I'll take you all on!; Imposing; A Force for Good


  • Good (+3). Forceful
  • Fair (+2). Clever, Quick
  • Average (+1). Flashy, Sneaky
  • Mediocre (+0). Careful

Magical Tutor. Because I have a history with magic, once per session I can declare a story detail for free when teaching someone to perform a new magic spell, provided they have the capacity for magic.

Never Say Die. Because I am a survivor, I get a +2 to Quickly overcome when turning the tables during instances of physical conflict (being cornered, grappled, etc.).

Refresh. 3

Stress & Consequences.

  • [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]
  • [ 2 ] Mild.
  • [ 4 ] Moderate.
  • [ 6 ] Severe.

Sen Terval[edit]

Description. Sen is a tall Aglarondan woman of half-elf descent with silver hair and violet eyes. Sen is possessed of the Bardic Gift. Her voice - her music - can have astounding effects on others. This isn't always good. Sen is nearly as agile as her Elven family, and a lot more so than most people would expect. Of course, beyond a certain point, grace like that is often assumed to be a result of training - specifically as a thief or assassin. In part, due to her Elvish heritage, in part, due to her grace, and in part something else entirely, Sen is an archer par excellence.

High Concept. Peripatetic Half-Elf Bard

Trouble. I'm not a Harper, dammit!

Aspects. To Laugh, to Sleep, to Cry; Nimble little minx; A Bow is a stringed instrument, right?


  • Good (+3). Quick
  • Fair (+2). Clever, Flashy
  • Average (+1). Careful, Sneaky
  • Mediocre (+0). Forceful

The Bardic Gift. Because I'm a Bard, when I'm being Flashy with my music, I get a +2 to Create an Advantage based on some emotional state.

Refresh. 3

Stress & Consequences.

  • [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]
  • [ 2 ] Mild.
  • [ 4 ] Moderate.
  • [ 6 ] Severe.


Skirmishes Burgeoning on War (Current). Sespech has officially declared war on Nimpeth despite a strategically disadvantaged position. Although Chondath is officially neutral, the number of privateers out of Arrabar's ports have tripled. Hlondeth is at civil war with plague and famine running rampant — a beleaguered Queen Dediana Extaminos also fears the threat of invasion during this time of turmoil for the City of Serpents.

The Cult at Large (Impending). The Cult of the Dragon was dealt a crippling blow, but their nefarious plans are far from completely dashed. If they (or any other agents of evil) should wrest the Stone of Maerth from the Enclave's current protection, they might still lay waste to the region.

Faces & Places[edit]

Alborin Tovakh[edit]

You Haven't Yet Seen the Last of Me (Impending). Standing before the paladin, the wizard — nearly equal in height to Iraedra — smiled, his scarred face twisting hideously. "We meet again, servant of Mystra," he said in a low purr. "A small world, for sure. I must commend you on you ur resourcefulness, Lady Iraedra. But you are most assuredly too late..."

Maniacal Arch-Wizard Leader of the Dragon Cult; Overconfident Zealot with a Plan; Wizard's Staff

  • Careful +4; Sneaky +3; Clever & Forceful +2

Stress & Consequences. Full spread of boxes & consequences


Half-elf Fervent Servant of Silvanus; Fanatical Right Hand of the Enclave; Former Enclave Legate

  • Flashy +3; Forceful +2; Quick +1

Form of the Bear. Once per session at the cost of a fate point, give yourself Forceful at superb (+5), with mediocre (+0) in all other approaches. Add two extra stress boxes and an extra mild consequence; these go away (and might roll up) when you shed this form. You have CLAWS AND FANGS, LARGE AND CLUMSY, and SAVAGE INSTINCTS and may not use your regular aspects while in your form.

Stress & Consequences. 3 boxes and a medium consequence

Ashenford Torinbow[edit]

Ex-Harper Balladeer Turned Silvanite

  • Flashy +3; Sneaky +2

Baron Aldorn Thuragar “Foesmasher” of Sespech[edit]

I Shall Destroy the Region Until Glisena Is Avenged! (Impending). No-nonsense Aldorn resides from his citadel in Ormpetarr (recently renamed “Foesmasher Keep”), he has been the ruler of Sespech for the past seven years, following many other unpopular governors of Chondathan descent for centuries. Throwing off the yoke of the empire has made him both immensely popular and unpopular. His defiant rule has attracted representatives of many nations hoping to develop (or destroy) new trade agreements. Tensions with neighboring Chondath and rival, Hlondeth (The City of Serpents), has bred numerous internal complications within the guilds, between merchants, and in court. He still holds regular commons court at regular intervals, hearing the complaints of his locals with as much patience as he can muster.

He is tall and once a well-built warrior with the strength of an ox. Now, his duties and sedentary life have sapped much of his former strength. He is still, nonetheless, imposing and commanding, yet with long vision for the growth of a new separatist state still with some energy. He is dark-haired with a sharp chin, and even sharper eyes. His temper is fierce when roused.

Imposing Warrior; Fiercely Headstrong Ruler of Sespech

  • Forceful +4; Flashy +3; Quick+2

Stress & Consequences. Full spread of boxes & consequences

Baroness Glisena Thuragar of Sespech[edit]

I Must Send Aid To My Father at Any Cost (Current). The beautiful eldest daughter of the Baron. Due to her mother having passed during childbirth to her youngest sibling, she carries the matriarchal title to the Thuragar house and is first to inherit the throne of Sespech. She was courted by Demetrio Extaminos of Hlondeth when it was discovered that Dmetrio had only beguiled her to use as a pawn in his schemes in the region. She has now bonded with Anton.

Beautiful Baron's Daughter with a Cause; Fiercely Independent Like Her Father; On the Arm of Anton

  • Flashy +2; Quick & Careful +1

Stress & Consequences. 2 boxes and a mild consequence

Blood Riders[edit]

No Business Is Too Unsavory — for the Right Price (Current). Each of the weapons Anton examined bore the sigil of the crossed blades across a cloven shield...a symbol he had come across before. The Blood Riders were a rather notorious group that split from the Vilhon Mercenary Corps to take on rather unsavory business throughout the realms. They were known to get the job accomplished, and their loyalty was said to be worth their exorbitant price. As with many well-funded groups, they kept a master smith on their payroll to keep their gear properly maintained.

Braego Greenfellow[edit]

To Restore My Status (Current). Braego Greenfellow was easy enough to spot. He sat on a bench a bit apart from a group of sailors. He wore the vestments of his order, albeit a stained and filthy discolored green and yellow robe. The man was older, with a wiry gray and black beard and dark eyes. Even now, not too late into the day, he was deep into his cups. He stared forlornly into his dented pewter tankard ignoring the uncouth banter of the mariners nearby.

Drunken Enclave Sylvite; The Legate Stooge Assigned for Dirty Jobs

  • +2 Flashy; +1 Careful

Stress & Consequences. 2 boxes

Cult of the Dragon[edit]

(see main issue). The Cult of the Dragon was masterminding a plot to topple the region's nations and create a southern rule of dragons. They also experimented with a new kind of dracolich -- one that would retain the powers of a dragon, but the mindless state of a animated undead. The plot was foiled and the cult scattered, but none disagree that the cult seeks to recover their lost Stone of Maerth from the Enclave.

Dmetrio Extaminos[edit]

Vengeance Will Be Mine! (Impending). The Extaminos heir was of medium height and build, dressed in dark leather and a shirt of ash gray scales, while a short black cape mantled his shoulders. A short blade with ornamental hilt hung from a gilded baldric at his side. He was not unhandsome, with cunning features and finely chiseled cheek bones. Dark, short-cropped hair came to a sharp widow's peak. But most alarmingly, as he came within closer view, the companions could see the reptilian slits of his pupils amid golden irises. He was of the ruling class of Hlondeth, famous among the realms for being serpent-blooded.

Devious Swashbuckling Yuan-ti Princeling; Stylish Beguiler Psion

  • Flashy +3; Quick & Sneaky +2; Careful & Clever +1

Emerald Enclave[edit]

See To the Safekeeping of the Stone (impending); Squelch the Brooding War (impending). The Enclave has come in possession of the Stone of Maerth that was used by the cult for a fell ritual. The stone houses incredible power, and the Enclave, of course, wants to see something done about it. They have, as of yet, not come to a unified decision about what to do with it. They also eye the growing war between the Reach's nations. It is one of their mandates to see that no violence threatens nature.


The City of Serpents — this yuan-ti ruled city-state is in full civil war when a failed coup attempt to remove his mother by prince Dmetrio ignites the area.

House of Silvanus[edit]

Located atop the Elder Spires, the stronghold of the druids sits in harmony with nature. This is an open structure of beauty with fountains and beautiful natural landscaping and the meeting place of the elders of the Enclave. Few outside the Enclave's immediate circle have seen this place.


One of the two 'Eyes of Silvanus' at the mouth of the Vilhon. It is home both to the town of Sapra and the refuge of the Emerald Enclave. Important game aspects: The wilds if Ilighôn are full of terrible perils; foreboding watchfulness

Lady Shadowmoon Crystalembers[edit]

Mistress of the Enclave (Current). A face to the organization.

Mistress of the Enclave; Specter of the Past; Prognosticator of Silvanus; An Elf Druid?

  • Careful +4; Sneaky +3

Lord Woren[edit]

No Upstart Will Speak To Me Thusly! (Current). The slightly egomaniacal ruler of Nimpeth suffered a slight when he summoned Glisena and company to court when offering her 'aid'. The silver-haired wizard does not forget slights easily.

Arrogant Arch-Wizard; Ruler of Nimpeth; A Part To Play in the Script

  • +5 Flashy; +3 Careful and Forceful

Stress & Consequences. Full spread of boxes & consequences


The slave-trading wine-swilling city-state at the mouth of the Nagaflow is made the example by its angered neighbor, Sespech for Glisena's disappearance.

Revlaun Demplethwist[edit]

A Debt for Services Rendered (Current). One was of ample girth and great mutton chops about his generous jowls and oiled midnight blue hair. He was marked by three painted dots on his forehead -- a man of learning and magic. He played at cards, peering at his companions (each with two dots) through snake-like half-closed eyelids. — The merchant lent the aid of Eddy Boneroller, who perished at the hands of paid thugs in helping to protect and provide passage to Glisena and company. For this, he may come calling upon the PCs for a 'favor'.

Mage-Merchant of Chondath; Machiavellian Mindset


This small fishing and trading community is the only one on the island of Ilighôn allowed to exist. Over time, Sapra has been a haven for those men and women seeking to be free of the tyranny of wizards who abuse their magic. They fight a population issue, because Sapra cannot exceed its boundaries or impact on the area due to the druids' edict. This is making property values and lodging costs skyrocket.


The home of Glisena, this nation enters a wanton war at its own peril as its leader risks all to avenge a daughter thought dead.

Stone of Maerth[edit]

Energies Twisting from Light to Dark (Impending). The wizard smirked and continued the story. "The power of that stone pre-dates that of the oldest known elvish civilization. In essence, it is a totem — a nature god. When the elves aligned themselves to its energies, they found they could command the very seas themselves." Iraedra knew all of this. Tovakh's evil smile deepened. "The astonishing thing about nature spirits, be they actual gods or merely the raw manifestations of environmental aspects, their nature changes...under the right circumstances, they pervert to become — well, monsters. Monsters of unspeakable power!"

The stone has been partially tuned to the Cult's desired purpose, therefore, the relic has churning chaotic energies bordering on maliciousness.

The Forest Witch[edit]

Messy Love Triangle (Current). The Forest Witch's origins are a mystery even to her. She can only remember being raised on the woods by an equally mysterious old hermit that taught her to respect nature and initiated her to the teachings of Eldath. What little experience she has had with the civilized world mainly comes through some rather unfortunate encounters with the Emerald Enclave Druids. Their ruthless ways is what made the Witch stick to her beloved forest and peacefully avoid mingling with other people. She's quite honestly a savage not knowning proper etiquette but also because of her uncanny animal-like grace. While her skill with the bow is spectacular she's one to talk first and shoot later in true keeping with Eldath's pacifist ways.

Reclusive Druidess in the service of Eldath; Animalistic Instincts Fused with a Wonder of the Wider World

  • +3 Careful; +2 Clever & Sneaky; +1 Quick & Flashy

Stress & Consequences. 2 boxes and a mild consequence

Thomas Flagcairn of Sapra[edit]

Between My Town and the Enclave (Current). Mayor Flagcairn tries to see to problems of a growing town on Ilighôn and keeping the ever vigilant Enclave satisfied.

Part-Time Blacksmith; Elected Elder of a Dangerously Burgeoning Town

  • +2 Careful

Stress & Consequences. 2 boxes and a mild consequence

Zammar Zulkanzar[edit]

“A rather rotund wizardly-appearing man with a bald pate and dark mutton chops styled bristle waited with them. His shifting eyes studied each of the guests of the druids' moot with haughty indignation.” (First appearing in post #576)

Haughty Arrogance; Wizardly Power; Fettered Against Magic

Game Journal[edit]

Arc 1, Scenario 1, Session 1[edit]

Scene 1 — The Drunken Mermaid[edit]

18th of Ches, Year of the Banner. Posts 554 to 569

  • Group arrives in Sapra on Ilighôn
  • Meet Sen Terval, previous familiar to Iraedra
  • Essential past events summarized
  • The Forest Witch runs off
  • Rumors of growing war heard
  • Anton & Iraedra to be summoned to the Enclave's moot the next evening
  • Glisena wants to get aid to her father
  • Sen compelled to do another favor for the Harpers — namely, to watch a mysterious wizard recently come to Ilighôn

Scene 2 — The Hierophant Trail[edit]

19th of Ches, Year of the Banner. Posts 570 to 579

  • Ansalde summons Anton and Iraedra to House of Silvanus, trek along the Hierophant Trail
  • Warns not to leave trail due to island's dangerous wilds; Anton compelled since TFW has run off
  • The mysterious wizard Sen is watching, Zammar, is also strangely invited to the moot
  • Braego Greenfellow spent previous night in his cups
  • Anton releases his pet, Emm, to seek the Witch

Scene 3 — The Druids’ Moot[edit]

19th of Ches, Year of the Banner. Posts 580 to 637

  • PCs arrive in House of Silvanus, greeted warmly by the Enclave elders
  • After introductions, the stone is discussed
    • Determined stone is corrupting
    • Zammar is an alleged former Red Wizard of Thay, brought along for consultation
    • Zammar sprinkles dust to divine and confirm the nature of the stone; this illuminates the stone greatly
    • Sen reveals a verse:
  It's not a simple option, nor easy.
  For tears of blood two paths to follow.
  Return the stone to Carith's Hollow,
  If home it goes before all red,
  The corrupting force falls dead.
  Else call those marked by the stone's glow,
  Send them to the Forest of Ezeri's slow,
  Where love and honor will braid
  And disperse corruption, unafraid
    • It is determined the second option is the only one possible; Sen reveals the location of Ezeri's Slough near Lake Lhespen in the Shaar
    • It is revealed that Anton, Glisena, Zammar, Iraedra, and Sen are marked by the stone's glow
    • Glisena protests
    • Heroes vow to take Glisena home
    • Talk of war paints a bad outcome for Sespech
    • Enclave shows their apathy toward Chondath, which proves to be the great aggressor of the war
  • The moot ends on a sour note, the heroes view the Enclave with contempt

Arc 1, Scenario 1, Session 2[edit]

Scene 1 — The Witch’s Ring[edit]

19th of Ches, Year of the Banner. Posts 639 to ???

  • Anton gets a vision of the Forest Witch in trouble