The Shock of This Notable Storm

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A B/X D&D Campaign

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  • Erp Neutral LDP 4, hp 19/19, AC 5, Short bow (1d20+2/1d6), Short Sword (1d20+2/1d6+2) Init (+2)
  • Ia of the Old Ways, Lawful LDP 4, hp 23/23, AC 3, short bow (1d20+4/1d6), Liberius' handaxe (1d20+0 melee, 1d20+4 thrown, 1d6), Initiative +3
  • Burgas the Simple Neutral Human Ftr 4, hp 26/26, AC 2, Javelin (1d20+1/1d5-1 thrown), sword (1d20+1, 1d8+1), sling (1d20+1,1d4), Silver dagger (1d20+1, 1d4+1)
  • Senni Neutral Human Ftr 4, hp 23/23, AC 3, Sword (1d20+1, 1d8+1), Spear (1d20+1/1d6+1, no bonuses if thrown)
  • Pruitt Neutral Human Ftr 4, hp 32/32, AC 3, Sword (1d20/1d8)



Otherwise Departed[edit]


  • Sample Character, Alignment Class Level, X/Y HP, AC Z
  • [Blank Character Sheet] (Please do not save over the original, and when character sheets are completed, please change the link at the top of the finished sheet to refer back to the "Shock of This Notable Storm" page)

Encumbrance Ape[edit]

  • Erp
    • Gear: 412
    • Treasure:
    • Total Encumbrance: 412
    • Movement: 90/30/90
  • Ia
    • Gear: 434
    • Treasure:
    • Total Encumbrance: 434
    • Movement: 90/30/90
  • Burgas
    • Gear: 784
    • Treasure: 0 gp in pack
    • Total Encumbrance:784
    • Movement: 60/20/60
  • Senni
    • Gear: 709
    • Treasure: 0
    • Total Encumbrance: 709
    • Movement: 60/20/60
  • Pruitt
    • Gear: 672
    • Treasure: 0
    • Total Encumbrance: 672
    • Movement: 60/20/60
  • Sample Character
    • Gear: x
    • Treasure: y
    • Total Encumbrance: x+y
    • Movement: **/**/**

Group Treasure[edit]

  • One flawed ruby (worth 50 gp, held by Erp)
  • One base topaz (worth 10 gp, held by Erp)
  • One fine sapphire (worth 500 gp, held by Burgas)
  • One glittering diamond (worth 1,000 gp, held by Pruitt)


  • Pruitt (14 days iron rations, 7 days standard rations, purchased May 13th)
  • Senni (17 days iron rations, 7 days standard rations)
  • Ia (14 days iron rations, 7 days standard rations)

Marching Order[edit]

Watch Order[edit]

XP Awards[edit]

  • Three Veterans (OOC 41)
  • Buried Treasure and Wild Boars (OOC 256)
  • More Buried Treasure (OOC 402)
  • Ironworkers Message Delivery Reward (OOC 440)


  • Saxons attacked Novus Portus but were repulsed and many are traveling back to Kent-land via the northern forest. (IC 100)
  • A great treasure of good old Carausius that he took from the pirates. Some say it's hereabouts, near the shore, buried. Others say it's buried in Calleva. (IC 109)
  • Constans, the eldest son of King Eleutherus, is looking to increase the number of strong men in his personal following. (IC 109)
  • The ironworkers in the forest might have treasure. They're said to be strange folk, and living in that dark forest near all those ghosts and demons? Something's not right with them, if you ask me. (IC 109)
  • Somewhere to the west of here there's said to be a great henge of huge stones, taller than any man could move. I hear tell a mighty sorcerer befuddled a tribe of giants from Hibernia and had them bring them over here and assemble them. It's said to be west of Venta Belgarum. There's also said to a church somewhere nearby that has rich golden accouterments. (IC 109)
  • Captain Maximus is said to be offering a rich reward to men who would be willing to make the dangerous journey through the Forest into Kent and bring back Saxon prisoners who might be questioned. (IC 163)
  • The steward Sergius is said to be offering a much more modest reward for men willing to travel into the Forest and bring some scrolls to the mysterious ironworkers. (IC 163 & 371)
  • A refugee in town is said to be seeking an armed escort to help him make the dangerous journey to Venta Belgarum. He is said to be able to be offer no money for such assistance, but promises that his rich kinfolk in Venta will lavishly reward any who help reunite him with them. (IC 163)
  • Several peasants in town bring in food have been spreading rumors of a witch dwelling in the Great Forest who has been hurling hexes that have addled men's wits, caused calves to be stillborn, and made sheep more vulnerable to wolves. (IC 163)
  • I hear that many plutocratic toffs in Noviomagus are said to be willing to pay richly to men daring enough to go to Kent and rescue their kin from Saxon slavery. (IC 163)
  • I did hear an old greybeard from Noviomagus in here the other week spinning some tale about Portus Adurni. He said there was a buried cache of weapons and armor left behind when the Eagles flew from Britain. (IC 199)
  • Ceretic the Smith will pay for any mail shirts we find. Eighty gold in exchange for one, or the equivalent value in trade goods, jewelry, and so forth (IC 213)
  • Marinus will be in Noviomagus on the Ides of June, ensconced at his favorite table in the common room at the Sign of the Blue Plum. We can meet him there to discuss exploring Calleva. (IC 283)

House Rules[edit]

  • Equipment
    • Not banning or restricting any of the standard adventuring equipment from the Basic rulebook (ten foot poles, silver daggers, wolfsbane, holy symbols, lamp oil, etc.).
    • No war horses to start, although a.) that wouldn't really be a valid mount choice for an LDP due to size anyway and b.) Not affordable for a starting first-level character anyway. They aren't currently available in the starting campaign area.
    • No "Pole Arms" (the weapon that is wielded two-handed and does 1d10 damage). Polearms in general, such as the spear, are more than fine. The spear is one of the most common weapons. Also, no Long Bows.
    • War hammers, maces, two-handed swords, and battle axes are going to be rare/non-existent in the starting campaign area. If someone feels inclined to buy one in chargen, that's fine with me---just don't expect to find a replacement easily. Buying one in chargen would basically mean your character inherited a curiosity weapon or something.
    • House Rule: Javelins do 1d5-1 damage (remember that all successful hits deal at least 1 point of damage), may be used in melee or thrown one-handed (range 30/60/90) and set against a charge. When a character wielding a shield is hit by a THROWN javelin in such a way that the javelin would have come into contact with his/her shield, there is a 50% chance that the shield is now useless until repaired. NB: Spears (thrown ONLY) have the same effect on shields.
    • Armor: Leather and Chain are available. Plate is not. A type of armor mechanically equivalent to Plate in terms of AC is available in foreign areas and potentially in Britain at a later date. I would jack up the price significantly and impose other restrictions; marching in this armor wouldn't be practical. It would be the armor used by heavy mounted troops such as cataphracts. Please note: chain will be more difficult to obtain and more expensive in the campaign. During chargen (only), you can buy it at standard book prices, mostly to reflect the fact that I think the system counts on fighters having access to decent armor at the start. I do realize I've taken Plate off the table, but I'm offering better shields. Also as a note, the lorica segmentata, the armor you generally think of when you think "Roman legionary" or see in movies, has been out of use for well over a century.
    • Shields: There are three types of shields. The buckler (small shield) is most often used by less-Romanized (or un-Romanized) Britons, peoples north of the Wall, raiders from Hibernia, or scouts. The medium-sized scyld is most often used by Saxons. The clipeus, a larger shield of oval shape, is used by Romans or Romano-British, including barbarians in (or formerly in) Roman service. Note that shield AC does not apply to rear attacks or to flanking attacks that hit the non-shield side. LDP can't use anything larger than a buckler. Note that the rectangular legionary shield of the Late Republic / Early Empire has been out of use for many years. The chart above has cost in the left column, weight in CN in the middle column, and bonus (subtraction) to AC in the rightmost column.
Roman Shields & Additional Weapons
Shield Cost(GP) Enc(cn) AC
Buckler (Small Shield) 5 50 -1
Round Shield aka Scyld (Medium) 10 100 -2
Clipeus (Large Oval Shield) 17 250 -3
Javelin 2 20 1d5-1 Damage, Range 30/60/90





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