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Hero Name: Bolo

Real Name: Leland Boone, aka Lee Boone, aka Leland "Boom Boom" Boone


  • Male (he/him)
  • Indigenous+white
  • Muscular body
  • School uniform (a tie and everything)
  • Simple costume (fashionable black workout clothes with red highlights)



  • Shared Ability: Impossible Fighting SKills
  • Distinct Ability: Healing Factor
  • Embodies Danger
  • Denies Savior
  • Resources
    • - Hidden base
      • Under the run-down but well-regarded gym Reggie Reeden runs, known just as "The Roughhouse"
    • Med lab
      • Also down there; Paladin tried to figure out his healing factor down there, and had some regular costumed “customers” looking for medical help outside the hospital system
    • Weapon of last resort
      • A healing boost serum that can get you up and fighting again, but can also cause serious side effects or even death


Impossible fighting skills

Heightened senses


Danger Freak Savior Superior Mundane
Starting +0 +0 +1 +2 +0
Current +0 +0 +1 +2 +0


Venting frustration

  • When you directly engage while you are Angry, you can roll + the Label your mentor denies and clear Angry.

Heroic tradition

  • When you give someone the advice that you think your mentor would give, you can roll + the Label your mentor embodies to comfort or support someone, instead of rolling + Mundane.

Be mindful of your surroundings

  • When you assess the situation before entering into a fight, you may ask one additional question, even on a miss.

Team Moves[edit]

When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, ask them if you’ve been a good leader or effective teammate. If they say yes, your mentor loses Influence over you and you mark potential. If they say no, your mentor gains Influence over you, and you take +1 forward on using the Label your mentor embodies.

When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, tell them a secret about your mentor (including your feelings towards them). Give them Influence over you and add 1 Team to the pool.


You and Measure teamed up a few times before the rest of you came together.

  • They crossed paths as Bolo started waging his junior war on crime under Paladin's tutelage. Bolo respects Measure's commitment and ideals, if not his taste in clothes.

Your mentor is cautious; they asked you to keep an eye on Knight.

  • Paladin thinks Sir K is one o' them fancy-pants soopers, but also tends to worry about kids getting into this vigilante business. this neighborhood is ruining kids, in his opinion - despite the fact that he and some of his cohorts started just as young or younger. He doesn't know what to think of these super powers he's hearing about, especially in the hands of kids, but he knows one thing: escalation doesn't stop.


No one has influence over Bolo currently


None Currently


Lee is the son of “Lucy” Pachem Boone (of Lenape descent) and - as it turns out - Reggie Reeden. Lee had always been tough and aware, even as a little kid. He grew up in UEB, not knowing his father, and raised by his mother. At 13 he stopped a robbery at his local butcher/deli, subduing two armed perps. Paladin had been tracking the thieves but when he saw Lee spring into action he decided to hang back and watch this kid do his thing. Impressed, he pulled Lee aside after the dust cleared but before the police arrived (like that’s gonna happen). Lee distrusted Paladin but also wante to learn from a “pro”, so eventually he came around. It wasn’t until years later - recently - that Lee learned Paladin was his father. He does NOT know how to feel about that, but among other things it spurred him to create his own costumed persona - Bolo.

Does Bolo know why Paladin didn't tell him who he was for so long? How did it finally come out?

  • Partly Paladin was just embarassed/ashamed of the affair and not sticking around, but also to protect Bolo from prying eyes. Bolo figured it out when Spiderweb types came for his mother.

Does Paladin look very different from Reggie Reeden, or is this just the thing in superhero settings where people just don't recognize their friends and family in masks? (i.e., "Superman can't be Clark Kent, silly, he doesn't even wear glasses!")

  • Paladin's costume has a mask of some sort. I picture him looking a lot like DC's Wildcat, but without the cat theme and the costume more real-world, less skin-tight.

How active is the Paladin now? What does he think of Bolo running with a team? Does he let you use the secret base for yourself and the team?

  • Paladin is...semi-retired. He doesn't think Bolo is ready, but Paladin was about the same age when he started, soooo...



  • 0 / 5


  • None Yet

Moment of Truth

  • The moment that you show who you really are: your mentor, or something different. You can do whatever your mentor could do and more. You can do the incredible, even the things they always failed to accomplish. Of course, they’re not going to see you the same way, no matter which path you choose…

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