The Stars Are Right: Charge of the Seelie Cout

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JT Williams

Charge of the Seelie Court[edit]

Interview with JT Williams, conducted by Frank Lovejoy on 21 October 1932

I was on the roof of the headquarters at 76th and Central Park West when I heard on the radio that the Seelie had arrived at the Penthus HQ. My orders were to meet up with them and assist them however I could. So I jumped on my motorcycle and sped off to meet them. As you know it was chaos out there, but I won't bore you with the details on how I got there, this isn't about me.

I caught up with the main group of riders as they were skirting Great Hill in the Park. It was one most incredible things I have ever seen, a hundred beasts and riders thundering across the meadow. Moving in perfect harmony, the speed and strength of the beasts, the grace and skill of the riders, it was beautiful. They were moving so fast I could barely keep up with them on my motorcycle and I was going close to 60 (?) miles an hour.

That was when I spotted the first spores falling, beautiful and horrible. The riders exited the park at the northwest corner and were forming a line of defense at the north border of the park along 110th street and Cathedral parkway. The falling of the spores got heavier and the spore whirlwinds started. People were running and screaming. I had no choice, but to find cover. The riders did their best to dispurse the whirlwinds and contain the spores, but they were not immune to their effects and many fell.

The Queen rode up and down the line yelling orders and leading the attack. She was magnificent and terrifying. Groups of riders rode out to cut paths through the spores that allowed trapped people find cover. The loses were great, but the line held.

Then through my binoculars I thought I saw my Adela race past on a beast with a group of other riders. At first I thought I imagined it, because she wasn't supposed to be there, but then I saw her again just before they disappeared around a corner. She looked hurt and I had to get to her, to help her.

I jumped my motorcycle and raced toward her. When I reached the group of riders they are fighting a cluster of whirlwinds. Adela was off her beast and shielding a fallen rider from the spores. I left my motorcycle and ran to help her. As I neared I saw it wasn't just rider, it was her father, Lucien. He was grieviously injured and he needed a transfusion or he would die. I told her I would help him. Then she jumped on her beast and rode off to join the fray that had moved down the street.

By the time I had given Lucien the transfusion and carried him to the aid station most of the fighting was over. Only 35 of the original 120 riders survived. Adela's mother, Naomi, was one of the many that died. I didn't see what happened to The Queen, but she and her people fought bravely and valiantly protecting this city and its people.