The Stars Are Right: Evangeline Hopewell

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Evangeline Hopewell

Evangeline Hopewell[edit]

The alternative choice for the principal of Salvation and leadership of the Fae society. She was visited by Jonathan Cromwell sometime just prior to the ritual that transformed Hannelore Rhyner. During that time there is evidence that she may have shared Communion with Cromwell. Evangeline eventually came to the Lyon community, and became Companion to Jon Cromwell. After Jon Cromwell's death, Hannelore completed the rebirth into Fae Society of Mr. Steele, her Companion, so that Evangeline would continue to be Companioned.

Currently Evangeline and Steele remain in Lyon, managing the estate and holdings that were left to Hannelore Rhyner upon Jon Cromwell's death.



Cromwell, Jonathan
Companion (deceased)
Rhyner, Hannelore
Queen of the Seelie Court