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George Fuller

George Fuller[edit]

played by Andrew Bond

U.S. State Dept. Representative - mysterious government figure, leader of the Junior J-Men. In charge of the special forces response to the New York Incursion on 19 October 1932.


George Adams Fuller was born at 8:38 AM on November 10, 1898. Along with an older sister, Mary-Anne, George was raised without much difficulty in wealthy neighborhood in a New Haven, Connecticut suburb. A large athletic boy, Fuller was also book-smart, always with some dog-eared text jammed in his pocket or tucked under his arm, stealing a few minutes here and there to feed his voracious reading habit. By the time he entered high school, he claimed to have read every book in his father’s library. If little Georgie (as his mother called him even after he was far too big for that moniker) was not outside running around with the neighborhood boys, playing some game, or fighting, he was curled up somewhere with a book. In college at Yale, George’s size, strength, and quickness made him a star collegiate athlete. Making the Varsity football team as a sophomore was relatively easy, and as was making a key play in the great Nov 25, 1916 victory over Harvard (6-3) at the annual rivalry game between the two schools, known thereafter as "The Game." After hearing about a meeting for appointed commissions in the Marine Corps for Yale seniors, Fuller as a ‘technical junior’ due to accumulated credits went anyway and was the only Yale junior to secure one of the 10 available commissions. Fuller’s mother was beside herself with grief, fearing the worst would come of it. Nevertheless, Fuller entered the USMC directly from college with the other varsity sports team members. Fuller and several other players became Second Lieutenants; Harry LeGore, the captain of the football team, and Fuller’s close friend, became a USMC captain in the 2nd Division.

New Haven, Conn., May 8, 1917
Five of Yale's leading athletes, of whom four have captained Yale teams, are today enrolled for service with the Marines. They are Harry LeGore, the baseball captain and football star; Holcomb York, of the hockey team; Louis Ferguson, who captained one of Yale's best swimming teams, Johnny Overton, the track and cross-country team captain and cross-country inter-collegiate champion, and George Fuller, the football center. All five will receive temporary commissions.

Fuller entered Marine Officers Training for 6 months, and then went to Europe in December 1917 as part of the American Expeditionary Force 1917-1918. Fuller received further intelligence training at Verdun, France, and was soon assigned as Assistant Battalion S2 for 2nd Battalion 5th Marines (2/5) and sent right into heavy action in January 1918. After Belleau Wood (June 1918), Fuller was promoted (field commission) to Captain, and to “Acting Battalion S2”. Later, seriously wounded during an artillery/gas attack, Fuller barely survived, and was sent back to States to recuperate at Bethesda Medical Center, July-Sept 1918. Fuller is permanently impaired from his injuries, with extensive scarring and a slight limp, and lung damage from mustard gas attack further impairs his endurance. In the fall of 1918, after being gravely wounded, Fuller left the hospital, retaining a commission in the USMC reserves, and returned to Yale for his junior year. In the spring of 1919, Fuller was tapped for Skull & Bones secret society. After graduating with honors (summa cum laude) from Yale, Fuller was accepted at Harvard Law School. One year before graduation, Fuller was able (with contacts from Skull & Bones), to get a job interning for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York, (1920 - 1922). In 1922, soon after passing the N.Y. Bar, growing bored of deskwork, the U.S. State Department recruited Fuller for the Far-East Foreign Service. His skill at quietly averting international incidents (Japan, Philippines & South China Sea, 1923–29) brought George to the attention of the Philippines’ Governor-General Stimson, who was acquainted with Fuller from his old colleagues at the New York U.S. Attorney’s office in N.Y., and as a fellow Skull & Bones member.

When Stimson later became Secretary of State (1929–1933) under Republican President Herbert Hoover), he brought George onto his staff as senior field operative/liason.


  • Distinguished Service Cross
  • WW1 Victory Medal
  • 2 Purple Hearts
  • Croix de guerre (with Palm)
  • NYC Defense Medal (1932)

After the 1932 New York Incursion, Fuller and LeGore were summoned to testify before closed hearings in a joint congressional committee. Due to the large numbers of civilian casualties, the bulk of which were blamed on Fuller and LeGore, calls to prosecute them persisted, only quenched by a general court-martial that was held in December of 1932, with the White House suppressing the news and information related to the trial. Fuller and LeGore were eventually found guilty of over 250 counts of voluntary manslaughter. At the same time of the conviction, the awarding the NYC Defense Medal to all military personnel involved in the Incursion, was approved by an Act of Congress. After the conviction, Fuller and LeGore were awaiting sentencing, when both were granted full pardons by President Hoover on his last day in office, March 4, 1933. After this conclusion, Fuller spent some time recuperating at the family retreat on Apple Island, before returning to duty under a new administration and growing threats in Europe and beyond.



• Harry LeGore – Captain of the Yale Varsity Football Team, later Captain USMC – Served with Fuller in France/WW1, and again at the New York Incursion of 1932.

[1]Loyd Williams – Fuller’s CO at Belleau Wood (died June 12, 1918 – age 31)

• Teva – mysterious girl/child/fey found in Egypt. Disguised as Fuller’s valet, she sneaks/skulks about unseen collecting info.

• Carl Ellis – “Philosopher King” – Resides at Whispers Estate, Chalone-Sur-Saone France

• Joe “The Wall” Henderson – WW-1 vet, former NCO, US Army, 2nd Infantry Division. Joe is currently employed by the U.S. State Department as Mr. Fuller’s valet/driver/bodyguard.

• Bob Horvath – Apple Island care-taker. He’s a lanky, easy-going New Hampshire outdoors-man, and former Rough Rider, who has skills as a cowboy, guide, bush pilot, tracker, tinkerer, mechanic, gardener, handy-man, and also an all-around New England lore, and local-knowledge expert. He comes from a large family, and has relatives all across the region. His main job is handling upkeep & day-to-day maintenance of the island & facilities. Preferred weapon: Marlin (.30-30) Lever-action rifle, 20” barrel w/ 6-rd. tube-mag, typically loaded with silver jacketed, cold iron-core WHV ammo, ‘just in case...’


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