The Stars Are Right: Glossary of Seelie Terms

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(See Beasts in the Seelie History For more details)
(1) Mindless and violent creatures who are motivated by rage to destroy anything within their grasp. Capable of being directed or controlled in a limited fashion by Compulsion. Originally sometimes used by Nighsiders to guard property or other valuables. As of 1932 the making of Beasts are considered an abomination by the Seelie, and merits instant execution for those involved in their creation.
(2) Riding Animals created and trained within the Seelie Court. So named in reference to the original Beasts, for their foul temperament and sly cunning.
The point at which a Companion has acquired enough of the Necrophage within their system, that they will eventually transition into becoming Seelie. Flushing the Necrophage from the system is no longer possible.
Gaining Birthright is a mark of honor, and indicates that the Companion is the most likely heir to the property and household of the Seelie they are attached to.
BLESSING (also “The Queen’s Blessing”)
The physical and spiritual change made to the Seelie by the Queen Of Air And Darkness from late 1929 through 1931. This change allowed the Seelie to survive the rising magical ambient in the world. (The actual mechanism of the Blessing is unknown to the Seelie)
Child, Children
Biological off-spring of two Seelie. Uniquely different in subtle ways from their parents.
It will be quickly understood that this encompasses something more than simply taking blood from a human. The Seelie are unable to define it specifically (hence an offer to “see what it’s like for yourself”) – but seems to comprise something of the mystical, emotional, spiritual and other less tangible things that are shared.
The person (Non-Seelie) with whom Communion is shared and with whom a long-term bond and relationship is shared. Depending on the nature of a family – a single Seelie may have more than one Companion.
Also sometimes called “The Condition”
Person with whom a long term relationship that includes Communion has been established, usually someone with whom an important emotional bond and connection has been made. Sometimes used in a generic sense to indication any person (or group of persons - "companions" plural) who have previously been a partner in Communion.
A formal obligation owed or a favor exchanged. Used mostly by the older Seelie – and rarely by the Children.
Elder, Elders
A non-physical form of the Seelie, comprised of pure energy. Due to the Queen’s Blessing the Seelie no longer evolve into this disembodied form.
A place of sanctuary created for Nightsiders being subjected to persecution. Currently believed to be abandoned and no longer active.
Those who have been changed by The Queen, but do not live in the Seelie or Un-Seelie Courts.
A group comprised of one or two Seelie, Companions and/or Children. Similar to a traditional family unit in the Shallow World.
Any stable group of Seelie, Companions, support-personal, and/or Children who live together and act in unity towards mutually agreed upon goals. May be comprised of several Families under one roof.
House Manager
An elevated position within a family or household. Akin to Major Domo, Executive Assistant, and Personnel Manager all rolled into one.
In Between
The “space” one travels through to reach the Seelie Court.
The Fae before the arrival of The Queen and the establishment of the Seelie Court.
Sometimes used to refer to Hannelore Rhyner. (The origin of the name won’t be explained unless you specifically ask.)
The (undefined) Beings from outside the earth that are poised for invasion.
The Queen
Some sort of spiritual or mystical alter-ego that inhabits or manifests through the physical body of Hannelore Rhyner.
Shallow World
The world outside of the Seelie Court