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Final Report from Research Station 3[edit]

August 1932

Research Station 3
United States
Final Report
Project Head: Anatoly Karsinov

This comprises my final report on activities at Research Station 3. As of this date (August 1932), the facility is no longer operational, and we are required to abandon all materials and information not already secured. It is my supposition that appropriate steps will be taken to retrieve items of the most value, and that the remainder will be destroyed according to set protocols.

Concluding Event Synopsis[edit]

Our extraction from the research facility was accomplished during a great deal of confusion and violence. While I cannot be one hundred percent certain, I believe that the American scientists from the Penthus Corporation — Dr. Jonathan Brier and Dr. William Shanless — were both killed after surrendering by the Nechistyy.

If further evidence bears this out, the conclusion is that either our information conduit has been compromised, or our information sources within the Nechistyy community have been uncovered. It is my suggestion that both should be examined closely. All information conduits within the United States should be immediately changed or discontinued, and a more secure network put in place. I cannot speak to what may be required for the Nechistyy informants, as I do not have details regarding that source.

It is also necessary to confirm that our previous report, sent on August 14, 1932 via Prechistaya Farbeq was safely received.

Synopsis of Further Work[edit]

Since our report of August 14, 1932, work has progressed as expected. The Triad has been able to continue to expand their control over the Oruzhiya. As of the day we were forced to abandon the favility, the Triad could maintain control and direct the actions of approximately one hundred twenty five of the Oruzhiya without appreciable strain or distraction. I believe within a few more weeks the Triad would have reached the control target number of two hundred of the Oruzhiya consistently.

Because of the time required (three months) for the Triad to reach this level of competence, I would list the care and transportation of the Facility Three Triad to be of the highest priority. It is possible that the Facility Three Triad may be able to exchange knowledge of this skill to other such groupings without the period needed for assimilation with the Oruzhiya. If so, it will greatly speed the schedule for any other research being undertaken in this area.

While Phase One of our research was complete, and the final report forwarded via Prechistaya Farbeq, we were unable to begin progress on Phase Two, as the research materials required were not made available to us.

The Incubators containing the modified form of the virus were not delivered to Facility Three as scheduled. I was given no explanation of why, or if a delay was encountered, or if the materials had been rerouted to one of the other facilities. Since this was critical to Phase Two of our research with the Oruzhiya, no further progress has been made, and the theories have not been tested.


At this point in time security for Research Facility Three has been compromised, and I recommend that it be abandoned. Any remaining materials and the facility itself should be destroyed as soon as possible. Should the local authorities become involved, pressure should be brought to bear as necessary.

As per protocol, I have prepared this summary report for the extraction personnel to forward through secure channels as soon as possible. My surviving team and I await transportation arrangements, and will provide further detailed information as required upon arrival in Moscow.


unclean; possibly a reference to those infected with Hannelore Rhyner's version of Parkhurst's Disease.
purifier, the purified; unclear, but possibly (by inference) someone reinfected with the older version of Parkhurst's Disease?
weapon; probably the mindless infected that Candide referred to as "beasts."