The Stars Are Right: Marissa Kazina

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Marissa Kazina

Marissa Kazina[edit]

A young woman of Spanish descent living in Vienna, where she owned and operated a nightclub. She is the potential consort to the current King of Body, Auda Abbasi. She is a beautiful woman in her early thirties with dark hair, dark eyes, and a sharp business sense. She is from a decent middle-class family in the Balkans (Yugoslavia). She has a minor criminal record in Vienna for petty theft and disturbing the peace.

Henrik and Rebecca Mueller first met with her in early March 1932. She later met with Carl Ellis and company in July 1932 on the estate Chalon sur Saone in France, where they began to introduce her to the mystical state of the world. Plans for introducing her as a soldier and consort included:

  • Taste of Aqua vitae
  • Attending awakening of the land at Chalone
  • Amanda could help bolster Marissa's power in approx. 1.5-2 wks
  • Auda going with her to Tibet and working in the library



Abbasi, Auda
King of the Body