The Stars Are Right: Samantha Bayard

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Samantha Bayard

Samantha Bayard[edit]

played by Sophianna Ardinger

Former and Current Nightclub and freelance 'acquisitions' expert, recruited due to her expertise and her keen perceptions. She apparently is prone to visions and unusual insights.


Aliases: Amanda Payne, Joyce Ratson, Michelle Clifford

Physical Description: Standing at 5'4", Samantha Bayard isn't very imposing. She's attractive in that 'almost, but not quite a movie star' kind of way, with deep green eyes and dark brown hair. She's slender, but not thin or skinny. She possesses a fair amount of muscle for her size, and works diligently to keep herself in good shape. She appears to be in her late 20's or early 30's.

Personality: Normally cautious, Samantha Bayard tends to be a planner and not prone to jumping in. She is friendly and outgoing, but highly intelligent and very creative, especially when it comes to planning and executing heists. She rarely, if ever, uses the same modus operandai, making her difficult to track or catch. She isn't a fighter, preferring to avoid violence, but does seem to have acquired some combat skills during her life. Up until recently, she acted or posed as the agent for an international art thief, Remy Villon, who is currently wanted by Interpol for several high profile thefts overseas. She herself is apparently very well traveled, having visited Europe, China, Japan and several others in the last ten years. She was recently 'recruited' in a lengthy sting operation.

Capabilities: Covert Entry

High Wire Walking/Acrobatics/Climbing

Ropes and Knots

Lock Smith

Safe Cracking

Highly Perceptive

Security Systems

Art and Valuables Appraisal



Accounting and Finance

Basic Firearm training

Basic Unarmed combat skills

Prone to Visions

Highly Perceptive

Resources: Previously/Currently a Nightclub owner; Nightclub is located in North Carolina

An unknown amount of money saved from various heists.

Typical Equipment A thief's kit containing ropes, hooks, picks, fabric, ect.

Sketch book and drawing supplies


Sealing wax + envelopes

Camera Various Passports and IDs




Journal Entries[edit]


New York Aftermath Report Filed 22nd October 1932

Newspaper Articles[edit]

Date Title Author Publication
1932-00-00 example text example text example text


Date Title Author Received Via
1932-00-00 example text example text example text

Legal Documents[edit]

Date Title Author Received Via
1932-00-00 example text example text example text

Personal Records[edit]

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