The Stars Are Right: The Irish Rose: Active Characters

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(played by Steve Hill)

A member of the Seelie Court, and a partisan for Gregory Parkhurst, Candide was dispatched by Parkhurst to keep an eye on developments in the Irish Rose Matter following the Rosers' visit to the New Jersey farm.

Casey, Jack[edit]

(played by Gene L)

A photographer for the Detroit Evening Times. Usually works with Lovejoy. He joined the group on August 15, as they were attempting to save some kidnapped children.

Clark, Lila[edit]


alias Rosie

(Played by John Kim)

A 30-or-so woman moved to Detroit working as hostess at the Irish Rose speakeasy owned by Daniel Macklin. Friends with Katie Flynn.

She has been known to carve geometric symbols at certain sites.

Grayson, Victor[edit]

Victor Grayson

alias Quiet Vic

(Played by Robby Bullis)

An athletic man in his 20s, Victor has abandoned his life as a farmer, and makes his way in the world gambling. Victor has had some boxing success, fighting in the Middleweight division. He started to become involved when he encountered some odd things at the Irish Rose, August 1, 1932. Some earlier blunders have shaken his confidence, and he is not sure how he fits in with this strange new world.

Lovejoy, Frank[edit]

Frank Lovejoy

(played by Andrew Cole)

A reporter for the Detroit Evening Times.

Skeptical about the supernatural, Lovejoy isn't blind to a wider world, just solidly convinced that rules exist only because people assert they do. This may have something to do with his stint as an ambulance driver during the Great War... but it might not. He also seldom encounters the truly strange, in spite of everything.

McMann, Michael[edit]

(played by Chris Haugen)

A member of the Purple Gang under Abe Axel, McMann is conflicted about the gang's involvement in child smuggling. He contacted the Rosers following their rescue of the kidnaped children.

Valenko, Boris[edit]

(played by James Johnson)

5'4", dark hair, bright blue eyes, early 20s, watchful. Speaks with a slight but stubborn Russian accent. A boyar under Tsar Romanov, and an associate of Theo Weiss. His relationship to the infected community remains obscure.

Walters, Obediah[edit]

Doc Walters

alias Doc

(played by Stephen Cole)

An alcoholic doctor who makes his living performing odd jobs for the Purple Gang.

Williams, JT[edit]

alias Wheels

(Played by Keith Dalzell)

JT is 25 years old and appears to be some sort of bootlegger. He is a auto enthusiast. He started to become involved when he encountered some strangeness at the Irish Rose, August 1, 1932.