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Charnel House in Kansas City[edit]

19 bodies found on foreclosed farm

Links to Bitterman, Macklin murders still unclear

Police discovered a grim scene beneath a Kansas City farmhouse early Monday morning following a tip from the Detroit Evening Times. The farmhouse, previously owned by William Alden of Kansas City, concealed a subterranean house of horrors: the stricken earth disgorged 19 dead bodies and 3 unconscious ones into the silent summer's dawn. Twelve of the bodies were found in a cooler, displayed identically to Daniel Macklin of Detroit and Thomas Bitterman of Kansas City, fueling speculation that all 14 murders were the work of one deranged individual.

Seven further bodies were found in a separate chamber, all victims of sudden violence, but without the baroque grotesquerie attending the frozen twelve. These victims were killed by a variety of means, some being shot and others twisted savagely by some tremendous force.

Kansas City police have taken the three unconscious men into custody, though whether they are victims or members of the diseased murder cult operating apparently with impunity inside major American metropolises remains unknown.

Published August 29, 1932