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Letter from Comte de la Fére received via courier on 23 August 1932.

Mr. Franklin Lovejoy
Lead Reporter
Detroit Times
131 Bagley Street
Detroit, MI
Dear Mr. Lovejoy,
I am writing to congratulate you on your recent article about the recent incident involving vigilantes and the notorious Purple Gang. The article's detail was chilling, and the account of the fates of the members of the Purple Gang that were encountered at that farmhouse was very vivid! Actions such as the one you reported never seem to receive the proper acknowledgement they so richly deserve. When left unchecked or controlled, the actions that organizations such as the Purple Gang may take against the unprotected public can be far beyond the pale. Rest assured that I have contacted other interested parties that may be aware of the Purple Gang and its members. I would expect that the Purple Gang's future is anything but rosy!
Now, your account of the action in Macomb County has stirred my soul! Your participation in rescuing the poor unidentified children marks you as a true hero. Should you even travel to New York, I would like to express my gratitude in some tangible manner. At the same time, I would also very much like to provide some sort of assistance to the poor children. Perhaps you would be willing to offer me your counsel, or even to intercede on my behalf? If arrangements have not already [been] made for their care and protection, I would be very happy to provide funds and transportation to any of several nurturing households, including my own, where they might be properly cared for. I think we both would like to ensure that those poor children are never again subject to the predation and prurient attentions of the likes of the obviously decadent and diseased Purple Gang. Children such as these deserve special attention and care, especially after their recent experiences.
After reading several of your articles from the past year, I would be more than willing to provide you with generous funding for a detailed investigation into the background of the children in order to facilitate an eventual reunion with their birth families. Should you be interested in availing yourself of my offers and assistance, please reply via the same courier that delivered this letter into your hands.
On a somewhat peripheral matter, I noted with interest two names in your article. Dr. Parkhurst is an old associate of mine, or perhaps it would be more correct to say we share a number of mutual friends. Miss Flynn and I lost touch after renewing our acquaintance in Los Angeles back in January.
I was very sorry to hear of Parkhurst's health issues. After visiting him in Los Angeles earlier this year and more recently in New Jersey, I have despaired for his stability. I am sure that learning he had been infected by one of the same blood diseases he had so tirelessly tried to cure cannot have been easy. Unfortunately, I had lost track of Parkhurst, so the news that he was assisting in efforts against the Purple Gang was unexpected and definitely atypical! Sadly, during our last meeting it came to my attention that Parkhurst has been known to be somewhat heavy handed in his attentions to the fairer sex, including some of his more recent patients on occasion. I do hope his recent activities have not further delayed his full recovery. While I hope that someday he may be able to return to his medical profession and to safely care for his patients again, I expect that the medical profession has lost a great mind.
Miss Flynn was being treated by Parkhurst when I last had the opportunity to speak with her, so I was very surprised to learn that she had been living in Detroit for apparently some time. Sadly, I must share with you that at the time of her dropping out of sight, she was suspected to have absconded with some papers related to Parkhurst's research. This research, while originally focused on hematology, can apparently be utilized to facilitate development of advanced biological weapons.
While I would not expect you or any experienced reporter of your caliber to believe claims such as these, I will offer some suggestions for detailed research below. Before that, however, I would implore you to speak with Miss Flynn about this research, which I believe is in the form of paper files and bound hand-written journals. I would be prepared to offer a very considerable amount of money to ensure the recover of these materials and their secure storage in a mutually agreed upon place! Please give this your consideration, as the lives and sanity of people that I care about are endangered each day the research is not in safe hands!
Now, regarding some sort of research that might convince you of my concerns... You are no doubt away of the state of things in Germany and Russia at this time. I would commend your attentions to the research conducted in the Tegelstrasse IV complex in Berlin. Russia is pioneering alternative hematological sciences at the Nikolay Sklifosovskiy Institute in Moscow.
Germany continues to undergo a rapid transition to an authoritarian state that imprisons its undesirables! There has been an organized effort to see that people with diminished physical or mental capacities are quietly sterilized since at least the spring of 1930. People that do not support the National Socialist Party can have their citizenship revoked summarily. People of other faiths & beliefs, sexual preferences, or even non-traditional cultures are being taken from their homes and "concentrated" into facilities from which there is no escape. The efforts of myself and other like-minded individuals to combat these practices or to at least assist Germans to organize against them were not welcomed by the German government. At the time I was informed that I would be imprisoned or worse should I return to Germany early last year, I had initiated efforts to gather information regarding forced labor camps being constructed in remote areas of the country.
Unfortunately, I have no real leads to offer regarding Russia. I realize this damages my case. Since the emergence of the missing heir and his return and ascension, the entire country has gone rather quiet. The research being undertaken in Russia seems to be of some sort of combined biological and chemical nature. There are many rumors alleging that details and results of some of the more radical medical research being conducted by New World Industries disappeared around the time that the US government launched its investigation a couple of years ago. Given the nature of the hematological research being conducted by Dr. Sergei Sergeevich Yudin, I can only presume that Parkhurst's research would be used to develop more virulent blood infections.
I understand that you are likely to dismiss me as at best a prankster or more likely, a seriously disturbed person. However, I hope that you will at least give consideration to my offers and information. Should you desire to meet with me in person so that you might somehow judge my veracity, I would be happy to facilitate such an encounter. If nothing else, please give credence to my concerns about the details of Parkhurst's research that Miss Flynn holds. I am open to any suggestion and request relating to the safe recovery of the research and the security of Miss Flynn's future!
With Regards,
Comte de la Fére
Poste Restante
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
301 Park Avenue
New York, New York