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Boyar Pietr Rulianoff to Victor Grayson[edit]

received 2 September 1932

Dear Mr. Grayson;

A brief note on couriers: The couriers themselves are bound by powerful oaths of honor, both to complete their tasks and to commit to safeguarding the privacy of the messages they carry. While it is not impossible that a courier might be forced to give up their papers under duress ~~ it is, I think a most unlikely occurrence that they would open letters to read them. After all, part of the systems’ usefulness is predicated on certain and secure delivery. Their usefulness would be at an end should it be known that such privacy could not be guaranteed.

There is much in your letter to address, and I hope that my answers will not only be illuminating ~~ but will also forge a stronger bond between yourself, your friends, and myself.

Despite what your prisoner has indicated, I can say to you that I have no direct connection to any work being done in the American Midwest. Nor do I have intimate or casual knowledge of the type of work that might be done in that geographical location. Understand that various sectors within my government have their own mandate as regards different fields of research. I am not privileged to have access to all levels of information regarding the personnel or the goals of the departments involved.

That being said, when I am required to travel to the United States, I often am asked to complete other tasks there. It is quite possible that I have met your prisoner, and have spoke with him/her in the course of these other duties. In a case like this, I would be given only the most limited access to the location, and my duties would be mostly in the position of courier ~ delivering information from, or returning information to, those actually managing the project.

In almost all ways, those afflicted are worthy of admiration ~~ given how much they must overcome to find a balance between themselves and the needs that the Condition requires.

I have something most interesting to ask of you and your friends.

Following my report of our interactions in Detroit, and information gathered from other sources, the Tsarina herself has asked me, to extend a request to all of you to come to Moscow. We have made all travel arrangements at our expense, and of course reimburse all of you for any loss of wages that you may be concerned about.

The Tsarina has empowered me to extend the invitation to yourself, Mr. Lovejoy, Doctor Walters, Mr. Williams, Miss Lila and any body guards or other personnel up to five in total number, that you might find needful for your comfort. Our embassy in Washington, D.C. has exerted itself in this area, to smooth and expedite all issues as regards to travel documents needed.

It would be a very great service to the Tsarina and my government ~~ and by extension to myself ~~ if you would accept this request. There is much we can learn from each other as regards the situation concerning those infected with the Condition. Neither myself nor any of those involved in the research have had recent experiences with these people. Currently we have none of the Fae or Seelie folk in Moscow, nor any means with which to contact any. Hearing each of your individual observations as to their nature and your experiences with them would be of immense help in narrowing the focus of our research. In fact, should any who are completely Fae wish to travel with you to Moscow and speak openly of their situation, it would be of immense usefulness to all concerned.

Of course, I would not see you sent away empty-handed! There are many knowledgeable persons here in my country, who would be willing to share their expertise with you. While much of my country may still seem backwards to Americans, in areas ~~ such as alchemy for instance ~~ Russia has no peer. In accommodating this request of the Tsarina, I have no doubt that she will find herself in Debt to you, and quite able to find some mutual ground for recompense.

The newly commissioned and refitted yacht Livadia is currently at anchor in New York City. Captain Andrienko and his crew have been notified by the Tsarina to await your arrival, and to show every courtesy to your needs. I realize of course that such a trip would be a great disruption to you and your friends. I hope that you will give the invitation your most serious consideration, and will choose to accept.

Beyond the great advances each of us could make with clear and open discussion ~~ such a visit would make for the means of building bridges between people who soon will need to rely upon each other, regardless of their nationalities.

There are great troubles that lie ahead, and we will not be able to find our way through them without strong allies, and good friends.

I am looking forward to meeting with you and your friends again, and showing you all the delights of my home city of Moscow.

Your Servant,

Boyar P. Ruliniov