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Macklin's Girl Speaks![edit]

Detroit Evening Times Exclusive! Interview with Katie Flynn!

The Detroit Evening Times has obtained an EXCLUSIVE interview with Katie Flynn, the "girl" of murdered Irish Rose proprietor Daniel Macklin. Miss Flynn requested the interview be conducted in an undisclosed location, and set as the price of her story the cost of a train ticket out of town. The Times, a stalwart servant of the public trust, has shared this information with the Detroit Police Department prior to publication. Which department, despite ongoing public outrage regarding the dilatory nature of the investigation, has declared Miss Flynn a person of NO PARTICULAR INTEREST. We are publishing the interview in its entirety that you, The Public, may decide for yourselves.

When we talked to her, Miss Flynn was suffering the ill effects of a beating administered to her by Mr. Macklin shortly before his demise. Also present were Miss Flynn's friend and chaperone, who declined to be named or interviewed for this article, and a medical "professional" who administered to Miss Flynn's wounds throughout the conversation.

Detroit Evening Times: When did you first meet Mr. Macklin?

Katie Flynn: Danny and I met two months ago, when I first came to Detroit. He owed my friends a debt, so he had to take me in.

DET: And when did you first start, ah, "seeing" each other?

KF: immediately.

DET: Did he always treat you so harshly?

KF: Not always. He was a sweetheart, at least at first. He was afraid of my friends, I think.

DET: Who are your friends?

KF: It doesn't matter. They're dead now -- at least that's what they say.

DET: Were you much in love?

KF: No, not much. Detroit is -- was -- a place where I could be safe.

DET: Safe from what?

[At this point, Miss Flynn was seized with a coughing fit and was unable to answer. The "doctor" intervened, administering a shot of an unknown substance. The fit subsided, and Miss Flynn's color improved markedly.]

KF: I'm sorry, you were saying?

DET: Safe from what?

KF: I can't go into that. I'm sorry, but I-- I just can't.

DET: Do you know why Mr. Macklin was murdered?

KF: I don't know. I couldn't say, not for sure.

DET: But you have your suspicions?

KF: My friends, they were part of a very big, very old family. Not everyone in the family gets along -- family fights are always the worst.

DET: The speaks [illegal bars -- Ed.] aren't exactly the safest business. You don't think it was part of a gang dispute?

KF: I hope that's all it was.

DET: But you don't think it was?

KF: Danny put me up when I needed it, and they killed him for it. I can't tell you anything about it.

DET: But, Miss Flynn--

KF: No, I'm sorry, it's for your own safety. Frank--

[She struggled to get up, and nearly swooned. Only after much care from the "doctor" and her friend was she recovered enough to continue.]

DET: Mr. Macklin seems to have done a number on you.

KF: [smiles] This isn't his fault, though it's a lot worse when I'm the worse for wear. I'm sorry, I'm afraid I'm not being being very helpful.

DET: You've been a trooper. Thank you for your time, and Miss Flynn -- Katie -- good luck.

Published August 9, 1932