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Flag of the restored Russian Tsar

Communist revolution overthrew Tsarist regime in 1917 and Russian nobility fled into exile in rest of Europe. Alexis Romanoff came out of hiding in early 1930, and was legitimated by Russian Court in exile and head of Russian Orthodox Church. Married Countess Ineska Rulionoff in February 1932, and headed into Russia in company of someone named Alexi Vishnevesky shortly thereafter. Russia further cut itself off from international community, but rumors of civil war, unrest, etc. trickled out. The new Tsarist regime was proclaimed last month, with Tsar Alexis retaining the reforms of Nicholas II. The communists have fled the country. Britain and France have recognized the new government, with Hitler's Germany and the USA holding off.

The Russians are seeking Gregory Parkhurst's notes for reasons unknown, and are staying in Vivian Cooper-Levitt's house while in Detroit. They claim they want to publish the contents widely.


After receiving Parkhurst's notes from Victor Grayson, the Boyar left Detroit, presumably to return to Russia.


Boyar Rulionoff is an Elder.