The Stars Are Right: The Irish Rose: Strange Incident at Curtisville Church

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Strange Incident at Curtisville Church[edit]

Shots were fired outside the United Assembly of God before last evening's service, witnesses claim. No one was harmed, and no suspects have been named, but parishioners remain shaken.

Witnesses claim that Franklin Scott, reverend of the small church that serves local Curtisville residents, was seen walking into the alley next to the church with two unknown men shortly before the shots were heard. "They've murdered the reverend!" one witness exclaimed, shortly before Reverend Scott returned to conduct the evening's service.

Reverend Scott admits to hearing the shots, but disclaims any knowledge of who fired them or why. The two men wished to discuss a possible donation to the church, and left shortly after the incident. Police have no suspects at this time, nor any plans to pursue the matter, despite the fears of area residents.

Published August 10, 1932