The Stones of Mandalay

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The Stones of Mandalay

The stones of Mandalay are major artifacts of power, linked directly to the Hub of Mandalay itself.

In the creation of the Mark, Adrian had taken half of 5 First-Shadows of the Jewel of Judgment; Emerald, Ruby, Citrine, Sapphire, and Amethyst, and cut them in half. One half of each he put away, one half of each he carefully crushed, leaving tiny chips of each half. He then meticulously embedded each one into the root of Ygg. He used the Primal Jewel of Judgment to inscribe the Mark of Mandalay, each chip became a marble the size of a shooter stone.

The stones have powers based on their attunement but also have social importance. To become a Lord of Mandalay one must present to King Adrian of Mandalay one of each of the stones and 50 coins of service.

Each stone has specific powers and powers in common. They work especially well in conjunction with sorcery based magics but can also forcefully boost Wizardry, Magery, Listry and other wide-spread second circle magics. They have effects in controlling trumps and may help boost them into protected realms.

Common Powers

Psyche Boost x1.5. This can be used in psyche battles and to push magics as a focus. One of each type of stone can be used at a time, their powers additive, not multiplicative. One stone is Psyche x 1.5. Two stones is Psyche x 2, 3 is P x 2.5, 4 is P x 3, 5 is P x 3.5. This is a general rule and the stones may work in different ways in different shadows. They are a dangerous and temperamental items that may cause more trouble then they are worth sometimes.

Specific Powers

Red: Fire Effects, Fire Ripple on Weapons-Double Damage.

Green: Healing, earth magic. Heal plants

Blue: Cold Based magics, weapon chill

Yellow: Concentration spells, research spells, mental magics.

Purple: a mysterious stone, lending its powers to diverse efforts. Healing magics.