The Sword of Woe and Glee

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The Sword of Woe and Glee is the personal weapon of the ruler of Azcala. At the time of its sealing by the combined forces of Chaos and Amber the sword was not present, and was lost. It was not recovered. At least that's what the rumor is.

Known rumors about the weapon:

Its wielder can Shadowwalk.

Its wielder can compel Azcalans.

Sword of Woe and Glee1.jpg

Write Up[edit]

  • 8 Potent Vitality-Transfer
  • 4 Engine Speed -Transfer
  • 4 Endless Stamina-Transfer
  • 8 Paramount Combat Mastery- Transfers Combat Reflexes
  • 8 Impervious to Damage -Transfers Vs Guns
  • 16 Specialized Damage – Transfers Deadly Damage
  • 8 IQ/EGO Blade 18/18
  • 4 Extraordinary Psyche -Transfer Danger Sense
  • 8 Variable Psyche Effects
  • 16 Walk in Shadow
  • 8 Rapid Regeneration-Transfers Regeneration
  • 4 Functions as Trump Deck-Bears trump to bonded individuals and to places the wielder has blooded the blade.
  • 16 High Order Construct- Frame of 24 Spells. Transfers Frame of 12 Spells
  • Blade bears a shadow of the Sigil of Azcala.
  • The blade is an IQ/EGO 18/18 artifact.
  • Blade Transfers powers to Bonded and Blooded Followers.
  • Blade gains powers from those it executes. Not merely those it slays. It also takes a copy of the engram of an executed victim and that engram can be spoken to and compelled to answer.
  • Wielder of the blade, or the blade itself, can command those of Azcalan blood. Those bearing a high order sigil can resist the effect.