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Heros Paths.

The Path of the Thief[edit]

Those who acquire this path do so for a multitiude of reasons, though most have the common themes of stealing, skill and stealth - in various orders of importance and for many different uses. This is the path of the freedom fighter as much as the Guild bravo.

Benefits of the Path

  • Thieves avoid or resist Magic effects and Breath weapons at +4/20%, +5/25% vs body changing magic, but only +3/15% vs poisons and death magics.
  • Thieves gain two weapon proficiencies [+10%] though these can only be applied to a limited range of weaponry. [Typically light weapons - no two handers, longbows, crossbows, battleaxes or maces - see osric for a more complete list and ask if it isn't there. Shortbows, for instance, are fine].
  • Thieves gain a backstab ability - +20% to any weapon attack that completely surprises a foe. The weapon damage achieved is doubled. The default condition for this is striking a foe that has no idea of the thiefs presence. This can be achieved in a variety of ways.
  • Thieves have a very specific set of skill bonuses due to their Path and may apply them to any relevant skill. Most of these skills have a mundane counterpart so act as a skill bonus, but some are applied to a skill only under specific conditions.

The main purpose of these skills to the class is that they function without concious thought - thieves use these skills naturally in all circumstances.

These skills are:

    • Pick Pockets: 35%
    • Open Locks: 35%
    • Detect/Remove Traps: 25%
    • Move Silently: 20%
    • Hide in Shadows: 20%
    • Hear noise: 10%
    • Climb unaided: 85%
  • Thieves gain a D6 of adroit skill which can be used to reduce or negate hp damage once a day.

Thief HeroPath Degrees [under construction] Degree, then number of hero points needed. Additional benefits listed

  • 1st Degree: 1 HP. All listed benefits above.
  • 2nd Degree: 3 HP. +1 Adroit Skill[per level hereafter]. Thief skills increases [per level hereafter, refer to OSRIC tables]
  • 3rd Degree: 6 HP. +1/+5% to magic resistances only.
  • 4th Degree: 12 HP. Read languages ability begins at 20%
  • 5th Degree: 24 HP. +1/+5% to all resistances. Back stab damage triples. +10% all thief weapons. Weapon proficiency [+10%] [per four levels hereafter].
  • 6th Degree: 48 HP. +1/+5% to all resistances.
  • 7th Degree: 96 HP. +1/+5% to all resistances.
  • 8th Degree: 195HP.
  • 9th Degree: +200 HP hereafter. +1/+5% to all resistances. +15% with all thief weapons. [Master Thief] Backstab damage quadruple.
  • 10th Degree
  • 11th Degree
  • 12th Degree