The Tiger is Out: The Tygers of Orc

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The Tygers of Orc are a cult the venerates the spirit of rebellion. The have been known to target powerful individuals and institutions for destruction.



Once upon a time, Luvah was the Aspect of love and passion in the world. But Urizen the Maker of Law struck Luvah down while breaking the world. The fallen Luvah arose in the broken world as Orc, and swore vengeance against the tyranny of law in all its forms.

Lair and Operations[edit]

  • Stoker's Barge
    • This dry-docked ship converted into a tavern can be found in Silkshore. It is a front for the Tygers, serving as their base of operations.
  • Sacred Site: The pleasure dens of Silkshore.
    • Specialization: Sacrifice
      • The Tygers destroy the powerful and their riches in the name of Orc.
      • A secret society called the Circle of the Flame controls this area.
  • No Claims

Chronicle of Exploits[edit]

  • TBA

Allies & Enemies[edit]

  • The Circle of the Flame
    • Relationship: TBA (+1)
    • The Circle of the Flame controls the sacred sites of the Tygers.

Crew Stats[edit]

  • Name: The Tygers of Orc
  • Reputation: Weird & Brutal
  • Lair: Stoker's Barge, bar in the Docks
    • Hold: Strong
  • Deity: Orc
    • Ferocious & Transcendent
  • Sacred Site: Sacrifice
    • Controlling Faction: The Circle of Flame

  • Rep: 0
  • Turf: 0
  • Tier: 0
  • Heat: 0
  • Wanted: 0
  • Coin: 2
    • Vaults: 0

Crew Abilities & Upgrades[edit]

  • Abilities
    • Bound in Darkness
      • You may use teamwork maneuvers with any cult member, regardless of the distance separating you. By taking 1 stress, your whispered message is heard by every cultist.
      • The Spirit of Rebellion spreads faster than words can carry it. The very fabric of the world is bursting at the seams, ready to tear down the mighty.
  • Upgrades
    • Training: Resolve
      • You earn 2 xp (instead of 1) when you train the Resolve xp track during downtime.
    • Cohort: Adepts (Quality: 0)
      • A couple of disaffected university students who are regulars at Stoker's Barge. They jokingly refer to themselves as The Interns.
      • Edge: Tenacious - The cohort won't be deterred from a task.
      • Flaw: Unreliable - The cohort isn't always available, due to other obligations, stupefaction from their vices, etc
      • Harm: 0
    • Elite Adepts for the Interns
      • All of your cohorts with the Adepts type get +1d to quality rolls for Adept-related actions.
      • The Grinders have a soft spot for the Adepts after they made a special batch of block lotus resin for their leader Hutton's birthday party.
    • Ritual Sanctum in Lair
      • This counts as a sacred and arcane workshop for occult practices and rituals. You may accomplish long-term projects with these assets without leaving your lair.


  • Favoured Contact: TBA
    • Faction that supports (and the Tygers as a result): TBA
    • Faction that hates (and the Tygers as a result): TBA
  • Other Contacts
    • Mateas Kline, a noble.
    • Gagan, an academic.
    • Adikin, an occultist.
    • Hutchins, an antiquarian.
    • Moriya, a spirit trafficker.
    • Bennett, an astronomer.


Claims Map[edit]

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Faction Network Map[edit]

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