The Victim (Shadow Archetype)

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A Shadow Archetype for Wraith: the Oblivion

The Victim[edit]

Nothing is ever really your fault, you know. You’ve had a hard time. People picked on you. No one can blame you for what you do. After all, if they’d have suffered as you have, they would have done the same thing. It’s not your fault. Really.

The Victim rationalizes everything he does as justifiable reactions to trauma. He’s been abused, accused and thoroughly misused, and hence, isn’t responsible for his actions. He answers any accusations with a litany of horrors (real or imaginary) that have caused him to become as he is. He never takes any blame on his own shoulders and gets hostile if anyone suggests that he should. When this Shadow takes control, excuses pour forth in reaction to any misdeed. Images of past abuse flicker through your mind, making you break down in shivers or freeze with indecision. As you try to break the Shadow’s hold, he chides you for trying to rise above your fate. After all, a victim never really forgets his wounds. Any attempt to do otherwise is denial. You deserve nothing better than abuse, but can justify any atrocity you may commit because of what you’ve gone through. After all, what you’ve done is nothing compared to what you’ve endured.