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Name: Alex O'Neal Profession: Dive Master/ Tour Operator (Ex-Navy) Employer: Trident Tours Nationality: American Sex: Male Age: 37 DOB: August 26, 1953 Education: Ex-military, some Community College

Strength: 13 (Muscular) Constitution: 10 (Average) Dexterity: 12 (Average) Intelligence: 12 (Average) Power: 12 (Average) Charisma: 13 (Charming)

Hit Points: 12 Willpower: 12 Sanity Points: 60 Breaking Point: 48

Physical Description: 6'2", 195lbs, Shoulder length dirty blonde hair, stubble, brown eyes


  • Navy Doctor - (10)
  • Old SEAL Platoon leader - (10)


» Alertness 60% » Athletics 60% » Craft: Photography 20% » Demolitions 40% » Dodge 50% » Drive 40% » Firearms 60% » First Aid 30% (Dive Medicine) » Heavy Weapons 50% » Melee Weapons 50% » Military Science: Sea 60% » Navigate 60% (Maritime Navigation) » SIGINT 20% » Stealth 60% » Survival 60% » Swim 50% » Unarmed Combat 60%

» Parachuting (DEX) » SCUBA (SWIM)


  • Making money
  • Looking for a new thrill


  • PTSD: In battle, -10% when first firing weapon
  • Alcoholic

Incidents of SAN Loss:

  • Violence: [] [] []
  • Helplessness: [] [] []


  • None


  • Plate Carrier (5)


Weapon: Glock 17 Skill: Firearms (60%) Base Range: 15 meters Damage: 1D10 Armor Piercing: N/A Lethality: N/A Kill Radius: N/A Ammo: 17 (2 ext magazines)

Weapon: Shotgun (Remmy 870) Skill: Firearms (60%) Base Range: 50 meters Damage: 2D10 Armor Piercing: N/A Lethality: N/A Kill Radius: N/A Ammo: 05 (Bag of 20)

Weapon: Colt AR-15 Skill: Firearms (60%) Base Range: 100 meters Damage: 1D12 Armor Piercing: 3 Lethality: 10% Kill Radius: N/A Ammo: 30 round magazines (3)

Weapon: Unarmed Combat Skill: N/A (60%) Base Range: N/A Damage: 1D4–1 Armor Piercing: N/A Lethality: N/A Kill Radius: N/A

Personal Details: Raised in Southern California, Alex has always been a go-with-the-flow type guy. Exiting High School he and some buddies joined the Navy, half on a whim, half because College or Trade school didn't interest them. Travel to new lands, see the world, adventure awaits bullshit. The recruiter sold them. Alex found quickly that Navy life wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Looking for more rather than painting warships and chipping paint, O'Neal sought Special Warfare school. After being recycled for a sprained ankle, PO2 O'Neal eventually graduated and became a trident wearing full-blown U.S. Navy SEAL; now referred to as SO2 O'Neal.

SO2 O'Neal was deployed to the Persian Gulf as part of Operation Desert Shield. His unit helped set up naval special operations groups in Kuwait, working with the Kuwaiti Navy in exile. Using these new diving, swimming, and combat skills, he took part in combat operations such as the liberation of the capital city. Following poor intelligence, O'Neal was found in a friendly fire situation and eventually made his way out, though not unscathed. VA doctors would label his disability as PTSD, but O'Neal turned to alcohol to make the visions cease.

Embarking to the Philippines, SO2 O'Neal found himself training the Philippine Navy Special Warfare Group while still in the service. An unfortunate training accident by two of the Philippine Sailors, led to their untimely death. Although cleared of any wrongdoing, the circumstances haunted O'Neal. It was then he DD-214'd.

Wandering around half drunk for the better part of a year, Alex eventually found sobriety. His former platoon leader was starting a new business based on adventure tourism. "Trident Tours" took off and they needed a certified dive master and someone they could trust to run the 'dive-side' of the business. O'Neal's good looks and southern California charm didn't hurt either.

Alex maintains contacts with his Team mates as well as his former Filipino counterparts. Always looking for some new thrill O'Neal has turned to adventure and adrenaline to combat his PTSD and visions he continues to have.

Special Training - Skill/Stats used:

» Parachuting (DEX: 60%) » SCUBA (Swim: 50%) » Dive Medicine (First Aid: 30%) » Maritime Navigation (Navigate: 60%)