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Anthocles of Syrakousai[edit]

Anthocles is a young cousin of the tyrant Gelon of Syrakousai, and the son of a notably successful trading captain. He has bought his way into the quartermaster's berth on the trireme, to begin his path towards commanding his own ship. While too young to have fought the Persians in Ionia, He has befriended an Egyptian slave and several Miletans who returned with his father from the fighting. Anthocles has been on several voyages with his father, trading with the Etruscans and at Carthage, and has taken part in both sea battles and land skirmishes. He much prefers negotiation and trade to battle, though he doesn't shy from a fight, if one is inevitable. He is a charming young man, and knows it, having used his wits and ready speech to get out of trouble from time to time. He also takes good care of his friends and those who serve him, so while he is no great war captain, his men are loyal to him. Anthocles has enjoyed considerable success with the ladies, and really does tend to have a girl in every port.

Diplomat 3, Move 90’, AC 5/6, HD 3d6, hp 12(6) , Att 8+ (7+ w/spear)/9+, Saves: Fort 13+ Ref 13+ Will 14+, Init +0
Dmg: 1d6+2 spear, 1d6+1 shortsword, 1d6+1 javelin
Str +1, Int +2, Cha +3
Proficiencies: Seasoned Voyager, Alertness, Bargaining, Diplomacy*, Navigation, Pankration, Performance (Rhetoric)*, Profession (merchant), Seafarer, Seduction*, Weapon Focus (spears and polearms).
Special: Hear Noise 8+**, Move Silently 15+
Languages: Doric Greek, Sicel, Etruscan, Phoenician*
Equipment: leather armor w/greaves and helm, medium shield, sword, spear, 3 javelins. Enc 6.7/7 stone.

Nesamun of Thebes[edit]

Nesamun is a healer of Thebes, trained in the temples there. He was captured by Anthocles' father, and enslaved, during the Ionian revolt. After the war with the Persians ended, he traveled back to Syracuse with his master, and was there freed, coming to serve Anthocles as a trusted advisor and confidant. Nesamun is a sailor aboard the trireme, though his duties as a healer, when needed, at times take him away from the normal tasks of a deck hand.

Expert 1, Move 120’, AC 4, HD 1d6+1, hp 7(4) , Att 10+/9+, Saves: Fort 13+ Ref 13+ Will 14+, Init +2
Dmg: 1d6 shortsword, 1d6 sling
Str 0, Dex +1, Con +1, Int +2, Wis +1, Cha +0.
Proficiencies: Seasoned Voyager, Alchemist, Craft (Carpentry), Healing III*, Mapping, Naturalist, Seafarer, Theology (Priest of Asklepios)
Special: Loremastery 18+, +1 to Healing Proficiency
Languages: Egyptian, Koine Greek, Aramaic, Nubian
Equipment: leather armor w/greaves and helm, sling w/30 bullets, shortsword, buckler Enc 3.4/5 stone.
Other equipment: Pouches of herbs, including 1lb each of comfrey, woundwort, birthwort and goldenrod

Anthocles' allies[edit]


Fighter 2, Move 90’, AC 9/11, HD 2d8+2, hp 16, Att 6+/8+, Saves: Fort 11+ Ref 13+ Will 15+, Init +1, Mor +4
Dmg: 1d6+5 (spear), 1d6+5 (sword), 1d4+4 (dagger),
Str +3, Dex +1, Con +2.
Proficiencies: Seasoned Voyager, Endurance, Fighting Style (weapon and shield), Labour (oarsman), Pankration, Riding.
Languages: Sicel, Doric Greek
Equipment: Good quality scale corselet, large shield, helmet and greaves, good quality spear, good quality shortsword, dagger. Enc 7.5/9 stone.

A hulking Sicel tribesman, Lukos is a Hellenised warrior who is fiercely loyal to Anthocles and has fought at his side in Sicily. He serves as a marine, though he's also spent time on a rower's bench.


Thief 1, Move 120’, AC 2/2, HD 1d6, hp 6, Att 7*+/8+, Saves: Fort 13+ Ref 11+ Will 14+, Init +2, Mor +3
Dmg: 1d4+1 (dagger), 1d6 (sling)
Int +1, Dex +2, Cha +2
Proficiencies: Seasoned Voyager, Bargaining, Diplomacy, Gambling, Seafaring, Weapon Finesse.
Special: Open Locks 18+, Find/Remove Traps 18+, Pick Pockets 17+, Move Silently 17+, Climb Walls 6+, Hide in Shadows 19+, Hear Noise 14+, Backstab x2.
Languages: Ionian Greek, Phoenician, Latin
Equipment: Pair of exceptional quality daggers, sling, pouch with 30 lead bullets. Enc 1/5 stone.

A smooth-talking Sikelian scoundrel, Philokles is a capable sailor and an even better negotiator. His preferred place in the fighting line is behind as many bronze-clad men as possible.


Fighter 1, Move 120’, AC 6/8, HD 1d8+2, hp 10, Att 8+/10+, Saves: Fort 12+ Ref 15+ Will 17+, Init +0, Mor +3
Dmg: 1d6+3 (sword), 1d4+3 (dagger), 1d3+3 (unarmed)
Str+2, Wis-1, Con+2
Proficiencies: Seasoned Voyager, Endurance, Labour (oarsman), Pankration II.
Languages: Doric Greek
Equipment: leather corselet, helmet and greaves, shortsword, large shield (note these items are normally stowed, not equipped), dagger. Enc 7*/7 stone.

A trusting, rather guile-less young man from Gela with a naturally sunny disposition, his size and bulk are normally enough to deter anyone who might take advantage of him. He is also one of the best brawlers on the ship.

Rowers (Normal Men) each have Endurance, Labour (oarsman) and Seasoned Voyager. Morale +1.
Menestas, hp 7, (Str +1, Int -1, Con +1), Prof: Craft (carpentry)
Radamanthos, hp 7, (Str +2, Wis +1, Dex +1, Con +1, Cha-1), Prof: Intimidation
Pratinos, hp 7, (Str+1, Int+1, Dex+1, Con +1, Cha+2), Prof: Performance (singing)

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