The World of Absalom

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The World of Absalom[edit]

This wiki page is written to track and organize the various products published by Third Kingdom Games. Outside of the supplemental books, they publish two series dedicated to hexcrawling, creatively titled "Populated Hexes" and "Populated Hexes Monthly". All products are written using the Old School Essentials ruleset but can be easily adapted to any OSR-style game. This page will maintain a directory of monsters, terrain, rules, spells, etc. for easy reference.

  • Populated Hexes. Each issue looks at a single -- or occasionally, two -- hexes in great detail, breaking it down into constiuent subhexes with lairs, features, and encounters as well as optional rules. Each PH contains around, on average, 25 pages of content. Each hex in this series is part of a "cluster" of seven hexes; a central hex, and the six surounding hexes. The goal is to, as a cluster is complete, to compile the hexes into a single book, as was done with the Basilisk Hills cluster (see Basilisk Hills Compiled, Supplemental, and Ultimate). All of the current hexes in this series are set in the Scarlet Principality region. The goal is to release roughly six hexes per year. As of now the following clusters have been started:
  • Populated Hexes Monthly. Each issue, released monthly, these are set elsewhere in the world of Absalom. Each issue contains ten pages of new material, again looking at a single hex. There are currently no plans to produce these in clusters, although there is the potential to release a "compiled" book of a year's worth of hexes. Each hex is examined in less detail than the more exhaustive hexes, with room for Referee customization. The goal is to provide a quick mini-dungeon or encounter that can be drawn from as needed, rather than a more involved location.

Populated Hexes[edit]

For the most part, each hex in this series consists of a single 6-mile hex. There are some exceptions: Hexes 15.22, 15.21, and 16.24 each have a single bonus hex, while Hex 13.39 has seven hexes.

Basilisk Hills[edit]

This cluster has been completed.

Camp of the Horsefolk[edit]


Keep of the Rawhide Gang[edit]

Lake of Abominations[edit]

This cluster has been completed but not compiled.

Slow Waters[edit]

Temple of Bathrymrala[edit]

Populated Hexes Monthly[edit]


Index of Books[edit]





New Classes[edit]


Gods, Deities, and other Puissant Beings[edit]



This section divides the hexes into their predominate terrain types. If two or more types of terrain can be found in equal amounts in a hex, or if a hex has a terrain feature (such as a river or lake) that hex will appear in both categories.

Urban Settlements[edit]

The hexes listed below all contain an urban settlement capable to providing goods and services to adventurers, even if on a limited basis. Certain communities, such as the Lair of the Gangrenous Orcs, or the Keep of the Rawhide Gang, are excluded as they are not true urban centers.