The Wyzard's Maps

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  • Map showing location of standing stones:
    • Carried by the Professor, found at the burnt out inn in the boney hands of the ex-proprietor
    • It describes a path through the hills and forests off to the Northeast. While the cartographer was slightly vague about the precise terrain through which one might travel, it does contain enough information about distances and landmarks so as to be useful. Assuming it is accurate rather than fictitious. The path terminates at what appears to be a hill topped with a ring of standing stones.
    • In the same hand as the various notes on the route to take to get there, there is some description of the destination. The writing is in the common tongue. Anyone with at least close to typical intelligence can read it.
    • "Here rests the crypt-complex which is the last remnant of the People of the Weeping Wood. The tomb of their chieftain Renf the Red-Handed is said to be somewhere within, and to still contain his burial treasures. Those who delved to recover them have returned empty-handed, if at all."

At the time of writing, a map of the second level of Renf the Red-Handed's tomb is kept mostly updated at

Renf Lvl 2.jpg

Renf Level 1.jpg

Wyzard Land.jpg

Street Map Near the Owlbear's Head[edit]


Thieves' Guild Vault Map[edit]


Map of the Duchy of Karnak[edit]


Map of the Northern Plains[edit]


  • 07.66: Warvey's Village
  • 11.63: Meeting with Affice's nomads.
  • 16.61: Battle with the Rootmen.
  • 22.58: The Great Highway.

Maps recovered from the Mad-Stitcher's Lair[edit]

One goes to some kind of sea cave that is apparently supposed to be Southwest of Guar, in the swamps. The text indicates there is great treasure there, but neither beast-men nor the Stitcher's agents have been able to get past it's eternal guardians. The other map seems to show the way to some great hollow tree in the wilds west of the Stitcher's lair, and indicates that something of value is buried in the earth inside the tree.


Notes on unmapped areas such as cities, &c.