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Cornelius Darkstar, the Astropath

Cornelius is a PC in the Rogue Trader Campaign On To Glory


  • WS 39 BS 36 S 27 T 41 Agi 49 Int 49 Per 41 WP 60 Fel 36

Lifepaths: Void Born, Savant, Zealot (unnerving clarity), Press-Ganged, Renown, Astropath.

  • Wounds: 10
  • Fate Points: 4

Basic Skills:

  • Navigation (stellar)
  • Pilot (spacecraft)

Trained Skills:

  • Logic 49
  • Awareness 41
  • Common Lore (Adeptus Astra Telepathica) 49
  • Forbidden Lore (Psykers) 49
  • Invocation 60
  • Psyniscience 41
  • Scholastic Lore (cryptology) 49
  • Scholastic Lore (occult) 49
  • Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic, DarkStar Dialect) 49
  • Literacy 49
  • Forbidden Lore: Warp 49
  • Dodge 49
  • Contortionist 49
  • Common Lore: Imperial Creed 49

Talents &c:

  • Air of Authority
  • Charmed (Keep spent fate points on a natural 9)
  • Ill-Omened (-5 to Fellowship tests with non void-born humans)
  • Void-Accustomed: Immune to space-sickness, zero and low-gravity are not difficult terrain
  • Jealous Freedom: React violently towards loss of freedom or imprisonment, willpower test to avoid.
  • Pistol Weapon Training: Universal
  • Heightened Senses: Sound
  • Psy Rating: 2
  • Rite of Sanctioning: Warp Echo

Psychic Powers

  • Telepathy Discipline
  • Astral Telepathy
  • Mind's Eye
  • Mind Link
  • Short Range Telepathy
  • Delude


  • Best-Craftsmanship Laspistol
  • Best-Craftsmanship Mono-Sword
  • Best-Craftsmanship Guard Flak Armor (AP 5, Weight 5.5 kg)
  • Good-Craftsmanship forearm-mounted hellgun with red dot scope
  • Charm: "Bulletproof Bible"
  • Void Suit
  • Micro-Bead
  • Psy-Focus: Crystal Orbs (Cornelius has replaced his burned-out eyes with a pair of matching spheres of polished black crystal. He presumes this might be less unnerving to those who look upon his face.)
  • Imperial Tarot


  • Intermediate Intelligence, Intermediate Willpower, Basic Agility, Basic Perception, Forbidden Lore: Warp, Literacy, Rite of Sanctioning, Psychic Technique x 2 (100), Dodge, Ciphers: Astropath Sign, Scholastic Lore: Occult

XP Spent: 2500


  • Demeanor: Melancholic. Cornelius embraced the light of the Emperor with all his heart, he has been blessed by being chosen to be an Astropath, and he now lives next door to the Journey's library, where his parents raised him to be the ship's librarian. However, almost everyone he knew as a child has been purged. While it was necessary, of course, their ghosts sometimes weigh on him.
  • Why are you aboard a Rogue Trader?: Cornelius is desirous of freedom above perhaps all things, even more than power and wealth. Signing on with a Rogue Trader gave him freedom at the price of security - having been kept essentially captive before, it was a risk he was willing to take.
  • What Will You Sacrifice? Cornelius has lost much already, and knows what it is to sacrifice. He won't sacrifice his sanity, as a mad psyker is a threat to the purity of the Empire's faithful. He's not afraid to sacrifice his life, though, or his good name, or his wealth in service to the Emperor.
  • What is your ambition? To gain great wealth, serve the Emperor, win glory and acclaim, and...retire somewhere peaceful. Perhaps a very clean, very well-lit space station. Somewhere comfortable. With a team of concubines, life-extension drugs, and an investment portfolio that would make a planetary governor blush.
  • What are your hatreds? Witches. Heretics. He doesn't hate the Xeno especially (not any more than is needed to show proper enthusiasm), but he does despise Genestealer cults, which resemble heresy as much as xenophilia. Heresy is what brought vileness (and later destruction) to his home, and he'll stamp out the seeds of chaos with fire whenever he may.


  • Short Form: Cornelius was born on a Space Hulk/Space Station/Lost Colony contraption called the DarkStar that had been floating in the Deep Void for generations upon generations. He was the child of a couple who maintained the vessel's library, and grew up amongst the dry dust and ancient texts. When found, much of the population was Purged for failing to give up their heresy. Cornelius was lucky, however, and converted enthusiastically to the Imperial creed when he was stumbled upon by a priest of a particularly scholarly bent. When the Purge came, he was spared - only to find himself on the next Black Ship. He was trained as an Astropath, but the first ship that took him on treated him as a slave, manacled to his work-station, unpaid, and given no more consideration than any other piece of equipment. He eventually escaped and found that he did not yet wish to give up - he would find his fortune yet, and his freedom still lay among the stars. While family names weren't common on the DarkStar, he has adopted the name of his place of origin in place of one.