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this is the character section for The Wyzard Runs OD&D, a PBP campaign run on the fora.



Class: Fighting Man (Title: hammersman a.k.a. "The Bull-Headed")
Alignment: Neutral

  • Strength: 15 (+10% bonus XP)
  • Intelligence: 12
  • Wisdom:5
  • Constitution: 10
  • Dexterity: 13 (+1 missile adjustment)
  • Charisma: 5 (-2 loyalty, -2 Reaction, Maximum number of Henchman 1?)

AC: 2(3 without shield)) HP: 6/14
Level:3 XP Total:4300 XP Needed:8000 (3700 more)
LanguagesCommon, Moon Tongue and Thracian
Equipment: Encumbrance Total:

  1. Gear Carried: 10' Pole, leather backpack, 2 waterskins, 2 vials of holy water, 1 quart wine, steel mirror, bunch of wolfsbane, garlic bud, 10 torches, 1 flask of oil, 3 stakes & mallet, lantern, 190' Rope, 24 Iron spikes, the skull of an Ogre-King (cleaned, courtesy of some unknown ants).
  2. Weapons: Halberd, Warhammer, Dagger, Silver dagger, 3 javelins, Rapier, dagger-from-the-corpse
  3. Armour: plate armour, shield, helmet
  4. Treasure & Coinage: 60 GP + 6 gems worth 50, 100, 100, 200, 300, and 400 GP, respectively.

Background & Description:
Face kissed by a mace,
The former handsome guy
Looks for profit with sword.
Dark, damp places preferred.

Of course, he's misguided here. It was a cleric in full plate that "kissed him with a mace". That's also why he wears a warhammer, known as an anti-armour weapon, instead of a sword.
Fighting Style: Cautious, opportunistic, preferring defence to offence and exploiting the opponent's actions. Uses reach weapons to break charges, javelins if the enemy doesn't charge, he himself charges only a surprised enemy, fights in a shield wall against crowds, and kills off weaker enemies first.


Class: Swordswoman
Alignment: Chaotic

  • Strength: 15 (+10 %XP)
  • Intelligence: 12
  • Wisdom: 7
  • Constitution: 10
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Charisma: 5

AC: 2 HP: 1/8
Level: 3 XP Total: 4038 XP Needed: 8000
Languages Common, Primalingua, Reptilian
Equipment: Encumbrance Total:

  1. Gear Carried: Saddle & 2 saddlebags, 50' Rope, 10' pole, 12 Iron Spikes, 3 spikes & 1 mallot, wolfsbane, leather backpack, waterskin, 3 torches, lantern, flasks of oil (7), 5 quart wine, 2 wk iron rations, 2 wk normal rations, bedroll, silver mirror
  2. Weapons: Long Sword, Light Crossbow & quarrel of 50 bolts
  3. Armor: Plate Armor, Shield, Helmet,
  4. Treasure & Coinage: fine astrolabe, worth 500gp, silk veil (30gp), 2 gems of 500gp, 203 gp coins
  5. Mount: medium war horse

Background & Description:
Fighting Style:


Class: Magic User
Alignment: Chaotic

  • Strength: 6
  • Intelligence: 17
  • Wisdom: 12
  • Constitution: 11
  • Dexterity: 7
  • Charisma: 9

AC: 9 HP: 3/3
Level: 1 XP Total: 939 XP Needed: 2500
Languages Common, Goblin, Fey, Draconic, Giantish, Elven, Primalingua, Elemental
Equipment: Encumbrance Total:

  1. Gear Carried: Leather backpack, 50' Rope, 1 Waterskin, 1 week rations, 6 Torches, silver mirror, 10 sheet of parchment, high-quality quill, inkstone, Spellbook
  2. Weapons: 5 daggers
  3. Armor
  4. Treasure & Coinage: 289 GP

Background & Description: Esme comes from a long line of magic workers. Her mother, who taught her, passed away recently, and Esme left home to see the world and learn more.
Known Spells: Detect Magic, Protection from Evil, Light, Charm Person, Sleep*, Shield, Ventriloquism

Frederik, the Friendly[edit]

Ganch of Pine[edit]

Class: Fighting Man
Alignment: Neutral Good

  • Strength: 11
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Wisdom: 7
  • Constitution: 11
  • Dexterity: 15
  • Charisma: 12

AC: 5 (+1 chain and shield) HP: 6/7
Level: 2 Total: 3536 +23 Needed: 464
Languages Common, Goblin
Equipment: Encumbrance Total: 502 cn

  1. Gear Carried: 6 torches, Bullseye lantern, 4 flasks lantern oil, Coil of brass wire, Two weeks iron rations, Quart of wine, waterskin, large sack
  2. Weapons: Short Bow, Throwing Spear, Spear, Axe, 18 Arrows, 4 Silver-Tipped Arrows
  3. Armor: Leather Armor (stowed), Plate Armor (stowed), +1 Chain Armor (equipped), Helmet, Spiked Shield
  4. Treasure & Coinage: Eight 100 GP gems, One 50 GP gem, One 20 GP gem, 42 gold coins

Background & Description: Proficient with bows even from an early age, Ganch spent a few years in the militia of his hometown before setting out to make a name for himself. With mercy and charity high on his list of priorities, Ganch is often outraged at any apparent abuse of the weak or meager, and seeks to increase the lot of the powerless as often as possible. His long-term goals include establishing an economic reputation and repaying a little-spoken of debt to his hometown, one which Ganch feels personally liable for.
Fighting Style: Ganch is not the largest nor the hardiest of fighters, but he is among the faster of the team. Preferring his missiles thrown instead of fired where possible, Ganch nonetheless carries a bow, and will often loose a spear or some projectile at the start of combat, then eagerly join the front lines, where he trusts his plate to protect him long enough to deal precise, balanced strikes to an opponent. If possible, Ganch would engage in some form of wrestling or trip- and feint-oriented form of combat, but wearing heavy mail and traveling with a very large contingent of party members often restricts his options in battle.

Gworg the Unwise[edit]

Class: Fighting Man
Alignment: Neutral

  • Strength: 13 (+5% bonus on earned XP; raised from 12 at 2nd level)
  • Intelligence: 10 (literate but speaks Common only)
  • Wisdom: 5
  • Constitution: 11
  • Dexterity: 9
  • Charisma: 5

AC: [Currently at AC 5 w/ borrowed chainmail] 6 (leather + shield) or 7 (leather only) HP: 3/8
Level: 2 (Warrior) XP Total: 3638 XP Needed: 4000 for Level 3
Languages Common
Equipment: Encumbrance Total:

  1. Gear Carried: Two Weeks of Iron Rations, Leather Backpack, Waterskin (x1), 50' Rope, 7 Torch(es), 0 Flask(s) of Oil, 15 bunches of Wolfsbane, 1 Wooden Holy Symbol, 1 Silver Holy Symbol, 4 Vial(s) of Holy Water, 22 garlic buds, 1 Silver Mirror
  2. Weapons: Magical 2H Axe ( +1 to hit and +1 damage), One-Handed Sword, Rapier, Short Bow, 20 Arrows, 2 Silver-Tipped Arrows, Dagger, Silver Dagger
  3. Armor: Leather Armor, Shield, Helmet
  4. Treasure & Coinage: 37 gp

Background & Description: Gworg is an upland savage from the Two-Step Tribe, pallid headhunters who dwell in the teeming jungles surrounding several ruined cities of the ancients. Gworg unwisely engaged in an axe-catching contest which resulted in the death of the shaman's son. For this deed, his face was mutilated and he was exiled. Heartbroken because he can never return to his people, Gworg lives for little now save the dance of flashing swords and the fleeting pleasures that gold can bring.

Fighting Style: Gworg's approach to combat tends to be straightforward. He rarely uses his bow and prefers to close to melee as soon as possible. He alternates between showy, courageous attacks and vicious, underhanded tactics designed to slay his opponents as quickly as possible. When in the dungeon, Gworg is fond of weaponizing lamp oil. Gworg favors killing opponents who will bring him the most personal glory & esteem in the eyes of his compatriots. He generally ignores his comrades during combat, but will go out of his way to protect magic-users, for instance by holding a shield over wounded wizards.

Ivan the Sage[edit]

Class: Magic-User
Alignment: Neutral

  • Strength: 8
  • Intelligence: 14 (5% XP bonus) (Upgraded last level-up)
  • Wisdom: 9
  • Constitution: 8
  • Dexterity: 12
  • Charisma: 11

AC: 9 HP: 6/6
Level: 2 XP Total: 3184 XP Needed: 5000
Languages: Common, Draconic, Reptilian, Old Amaranthian, Thracian
Equpiment: Encumbrance Total: (100+50+145)+200+80=575 coins

  1. Gear Carried (in Leather backpack): 50' Rope, 10' Pole, 2 Waterskins, bedroll, 11 days iron rations, 3 Torches, Steel mirror, Bunch of wolfsbane, Garlic bud, 1 copy of the Guild Vault map, Spellbook, in a laquered ironwood case with brass fittings and leather seal, 5 flasks of oil, 4 vials of holy water
  2. Weapons: 5 daggers, 30 darts
  3. Armor: None
  4. Treasure & Coinage: 70 GP, 9 gems worth 100 gp each, 1 owlbear's talon, 1 western coin with elephant

Background & Description: Once a sage and storyteller in a minor lord's court, Ivan narrowly escaped execution after upsetting the lord with some embarrassing historical fact about his heritage. Now he travels the world, teaching useful lore to whoever cares to listen. Recently, he's joined with the group after being chased into the Tomb of Renf the Red-Handed along with Paulus Landom.
Ivan is a thin, middle-aged man of otherwise average proportions. He sports a neatly trimmed beard and an unending supply of grumblings.
Known spells:

  1. Read Magic, Read Languages, Protection from Evil, Shield, Magic Missile (2 slots, max. 8 spells known.)


Class: Fighting Man

  • Strength:14 (5% bonus XP)
  • Intelligence:7
  • Wisdom:5
  • Constitution:11
  • Dexterity:4
  • Charisma:13 (+1 loyalty)

AC:3 HP: 6/9
Level:2 XP Total:3570 XP Needed:4000
Equipment: Encumbrance Total:

  1. Gear Carried: Draft Horse "Dar", Saddle Bags, 50' Rope, 10' Pole, 12 Iron Spikes, 3 Large Sacks, Leather Backpack, Waterskin, 3 weeks Rations, 2 weeks iron rations, 5 weeks horse feed, 0 bottles lamp oil, Saddle,2 horse blankets, horse brush and curry comb,
  2. Weapons: Big two-handed axe
  3. Armor: Plate, Helmet
  4. Treasure & Coinage: Owlbear trophy necklace, 95 GP + 1500 GP in 100 GP gemstones left

Background & Description:Korg was an unassuming, if a bit dim, young man who spent most of his days lifting things in his parent's Inn. One day he found an old suit of armor and a battleaxe in the basements beneath the Inn. Surprised that the armor fit so well, he quickly decided to go out and adventure like many of the Inn's guests claimed to do. Collecting his savings, he gathered some supplies and set off in search of things to hit, and shinies to collect.
Fighting Style:Brutal Chopping


Class: Cleric
Alignment: Lawful

  • Strength: 14
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Wisdom: 13 (+5% XP)
  • Constitution: 8
  • Dexterity: 9
  • Charisma: 11

AC: 2 HP: 4/4
Level: 1 XP Total: 952 XP Needed: 1500
Languages Common
Equipment: Encumbrance Total: 1080 cn

  1. Gear Carried: Leather backpack, wooden holy symbol, 7 days normal rations, 5 Torches, 9 flasks of oil, wolfsbane, garlic, 1 copy of Veya Vault map (Enc 80 cn)
  2. Weapons: Mace, Sling, Sling Staff, 15 bullets (1d4) (Enc 50 cn)
  3. Armor: Plate, shield, helmet (Enc 950 cn)
  4. Treasure & Coinage: 23 GP
  5. Mount: Medium warhorse, saddle, saddlebags, 2 wks feed

Background & Description: Background: On guard duty the night they came for the artifact, Sister Megara was first to fall. When she regained consciousness, she found herself near death amid the smoking, desecrated ruins of the priory. She alone survived, and barely. Of the night before, she remembered only fragments, colored by their foul magicks and mind-altering poisons. She dragged herself to the village, where a hedge witch nursed her back to health. Without a home, friends, or an occupation for the first time in her life, Megara set out from the village four months ago to seek fortune and adventure elsewhere. Description: Slightly above average height, athletic build, short brown hair, green eyes.
Fighting Style: Missile weapons first, then the mace. She's not able to heal anyone yet, so she does the best she can to contribute to doing damage.

Professor Randall[edit]

Class: Fighting Man
Alignment: Neutral

  • Strength: 17 (+10% XP)
  • Intelligence: 14
  • Wisdom: 6 (raised from 5)
  • Constitution: 18 (+1 HP)
  • Dexterity: 13 (+1 missile adjustment)
  • Charisma: 8

AC: 3 (2 with shield) HP: 6/13
Level: 2 XP Total: 3598 (After Battle of Owlbear's Head) XP Needed: 4000
Languages: Common, Draconic, Old Amaranthian, Dwarven, and Reptilian.
Equipment: Encumbrance Total: 312 (reduced from 612 by high Strength)

  1. Gear Carried: Leather backpack, waterskin, large sack, torches (6), oil flasks (3), holy water (3 vials), silver mirror, rope 50 feet, quarts of wine (2), iron rations (7 days), bunch of wolfsbane (1), bud of garlic (1), bedroll, good quality inkstone, ordinary quills (2), paper (10 sheets, including crude maps of Renf's Tomb), ebony and silver scroll case given by dead man, two eyes of Nalgnashnee, owlbear claw, lockpicks, Midnight Doubloon,
  2. Weapons: Axe, dagger, short bow, quivers with 20 arrows and 10 silver-tipped arrows, sling, sling bullets (16), silver dagger
  3. Armor: Plate mail, shield, helmet
  4. Treasure & Coinage: Seven 100 gp gems, one 50-gp gem, two 20-gp gems, and 10.6 gold
  5. Gear in party-owned cart: Iron rations (7 days), normal rations (7 days), quarts of wine (1), arrows (40), torches (6)

Background & Description: Randall still insists on being called Professor even after being fired from two universities for being drunk and obnoxious. Blacklisted and broke, this burly red-haired man now makes his way in the world as a fighter.
Fighting Style: Direct and brutal.

Major NPCs[edit]


The Company's Captain of Mercenaries. Barfolomew is a taciturn man, little given to outward displays of emotion.

  • First Level Fighting Man, Neutral
  • Zero XP
  • Str 13 Int 11 Wis 9 Con 7 Dex 11 Cha 11
  • HP 6/6
  • AC 3/2 (plate mail armor, shield)
  • Weaponry: Plate mail, Helmet, Shield, Longbow, Sword, Dagger, 20 Arrows, leather case of 50 Caltrops,
  • Equipment: Bedroll, 1 day of normal Rations, 1 day iron rations, Backpack, waterskin, 3 Torches, tinderbox.
  • Treasure: 4x50gp gems, 28gp.

Spurk the Torchbearer[edit]

  • Str 6 Int 12 Wis 10 Con 6 Dex 10 Cha 7
  • HP 2
  • AC 7 (leather armor)
  • Equipment: Helmet, 3 torches, bullseye lantern, 4 flasks lantern oil, broom, 14 GP

Amroce the Thief[edit]

  • Second Level Fighting Man
  • 2000 XP
  • Str 7 Int 12 Wis 5 Con 13 Dex 17 Cha 15
  • HP 3
  • AC 7
  • Languages: Common, Thracian
  • Equipment: Rapier, Main-Gauche, Leather Armor, Lockpicks, 3 Torches, Flint & Steel, Blackface, 30' Silk Rope & Grappling Hook
  • Treasure: 10 GP, 25 Silver, The Map

Shomlie the Goblin[edit]

Huckstra the Caveman[edit]

Tygier the Veyan Guildsman[edit]

Quartermaster's Fund[edit]

Small Iron Coffer Carried by Megara containing, Gems, 0x1000gp 0x500gp 2x100gp 8x50gp Coin 105gp 30sp Ledger, Ink, Quills & penknife Pounce. Deeds to the Owlbears Head Deeds to Mansion.

  • total, 705, 30 sp
  • dues in credit , Ganch 700, Corvus 1000.

Carts, Baggage, & Rations[edit]


  • 48 Weeks, 2 Days Standard Rations
  • 14 Weeks, 0 Days Iron Rations
  • Divided into 4 equal portions across all 4 carts
  • Last updated 01/29/11, Mayor's House in Edible Fungus, End of 6th day


  • 3 Carts
  • 6 Draft horses
  • 10 weeks, 1 day of feed (updated 01/29/11)

Cart 1[edit]

  • Armor
    • 1 Shield (100 cn)
    • 1 Helm (50 cn)
    • 2 sets of chain mail (1000 cn)
  • Weapons
    • Two-handed spear (150 cn)
    • 1 Sword (50 cn)
    • Dagger (20 cn)
    • Maul (50 cn)
    • 3 Crossbows (150 cn)
  • Ammunition
    • 80 Darts (200 cn)
    • 30 Bolts (75 cn)
    • 160 Arrows (400 cn)
    • 14 Fire arrows. (Extra long, 8”Metal Shaft behind point, with a pouch of Pitch, Charcoal, Sulphur, Oil, tow and Saltpetre stitched around the shaft)(5gp ea.)
    • 14 Silver Arrows
    • 16 Silver Sling bullets
  • Burig's Gear
    • Currently empty
  • Ganch's Gear
    • Leather armor (250 cn)
    • Plate armor (750 cn)
  • Randall's Gear
    • Iron rations (7 days) (140 cn)
    • Normal rations (7 days) (140 cn)
    • Quarts of wine (1)
    • Arrows (40)
    • Torches (6)

(3525 cn, not including waterskins, wine, rope, spikes, arrows, torches, bullets)

Cart 2[edit]

  • 50 lbs of containers holding various alchemical substances (500 cn / 50 lbs). See the following post for reference:
  • 2 Wood Axes (100 cn)
  • 7 Hatchets (350 cn)
  • Pickaxe (50 cn)
  • 2 Spades (100 cn)
  • Saw (50 cn)
  • Sledgehammer (50 cn)
  • Hammer (50 cn)
  • Crowbar (50 cn)
  • 6 Shovels (300 cn)
  • 5 Mattocks (250 cn)
  • 5' wrecking bar (50 cn)
  • 5x100' ropes
  • 1x50' rope
  • 6 ring pitons
  • Lumphammer (50 cn)
  • Grapnel (50 cn)
  • 10' Pole (50 cn)
  • Steel mirror
  • 63 Torches
  • 2 bedrolls
  • 2 backpacks
  • 2 waterskins
  • Lead Mallet (50 cn)
  • 3 Cases of 50 Caltrops (300 cn)
  • Box of 100 barbs for short stakes

(1900 cn, not including ropes, torches, bedrolls, backpacks, stakes, pitons, waterskins)

Cart 3[edit]

  • Field Kitchen
  • Surgeon's Kit
  • Armorer's Kit
  • 30 Oil Flasks (750 cn)
  • 20 Vials Holy Water (100 cn)
  • 20L Cask of oil
  • 3 Large Tents
  • Tinderbox
  • 6 torch prickets
  • Large sack
  • Satchel
  • 30' 1/4" line
  • Whistle
  • Wax Tablet & Stylus
  • 16 Weeks, 2 Days Standard Rations (570 cn) (Updated 1/10/11 to reflect hirelings' consumption)
  • 16 Weeks, 6 Days Iron Rations (590 cn)


Room and board for hirelings is usually 5 GP per week, this covers rations in the wilderness or inexpensive inns while in town. Other arrangements may from time to time be necessary.

  • Mercenaries: 10 GP per week plus room and board, for guard duty or similar. Delving negotiable.


  • Carrick, leather armor, longbow, spear, 2 fire arrows, 2 silver arrows
  • Othian, leather armor, longbow, spear, 2 fire arrows, 2 silver arrows
  • Howell, leather armor, longbow, spear, 2 fire arrows, 2 silver arrows


  • Gwyllym, chain mail, polearm, crossbow
  • Hørgar, chain mail, polearm, crossbow


5 GP per week plus room and board.

  • Leggs, A teamster, savaged by a Ghûl, but healed by Sarlinha.
  • Scoffer, His Taciturn Co-worker.


Unassigned Treasure[edit]

Two Jewelled Masks of the Thieves Guild of Veya. Carried by Gworg

Various bottles & Jars of Alchemical powders, Unknown value. Cart number Two

Owlbear Skin and Head, Mounted. Owlbears head Common room

One horned Minotaurs head,Mounted, Commonroom

Large Horned Skull. (Minotaur?)- Tap room of the Owlbears Head

From ogre lair in abandoned tollhouse: The adventurers discover a pile of 1300 gold coins, with a 50 gp gem and a pair of 100 gp gems interspersed with them. There is also a pair of carved ivory elephants, worth 600 for the set. The last item is a bejeweled clasp for a cloak, worth 2500 GP.

Unaccrued XP[edit]

Here, keep track of the total amount of XP gained from slaying monsters on an adventure. Each time monsters are defeated, the referee will give an amount of XP equal to the value of the monsters divided by the number of PCs in the party. That amount shall be recorded here. When the PCs once more reach the safety of a town, each character will add that amount to the GP value of treasure they receive, and apply their prime requisite bonus, if any. That amount of XP will then be added to their sheet.

XP now assigned. Awaiting new additions here.

  • Battle versus ogres: 1375.
  • The beastman assault in Edible Fungus: 200.

Award XP[edit]

(This is immediate XP, unmodified by stats)

Record of XP[edit]

(For the lazy or curious. This is exp for gold & general monster slaying, separate from Award XP.)

2nd trip to Renf's Tomb: ("killed" Nalagrashee-whatshisname) ~1500 for non power-leveled fighters as total. (Poor recordkeeping.)

3rd trip to Renf's Tomb: Owlbear & Minotaur. 1907 for everyone, except (Megara & Esme: 752 XP, Paulus & Frederik: 1374).

New rule goes into effect: no splitting party exp & gold any way other than equal shares. (10-17-10)

Town adventures: Hydra and Guild attack, 75 exp (11-1-10)

The Wyzardly Encyclopedia[edit]

The Wyzardly Encyclopedia

Blank Character Sheet Template[edit]

Name the Title[edit]


  • Strength:
  • Intelligence:
  • Wisdom:
  • Constitution:
  • Dexterity:
  • Charisma:

Level: XP Total: XP Needed:
Equipment: Encumbrance Total:

  1. Gear Carried
  2. Weapons
  3. Armor
  4. Treasure & Coinage:

Background & Description:
Fighting Style:

Departed Characters[edit]

Paulus Landorn, Priest of Forst[edit]

Alignment: Neutral

  • Strength: 7
  • Intelligence: 11
  • Wisdom: 15 (+10%xp)
  • Constitution: 11
  • Dexterity: 8 (-1 Missile)
  • Charisma: 13 (+1 Reaction)

AC:? (Mail ?, Shield,.) HP: 9/9
Level:3 XP Total:3398 XP Needed:6000
Languages: Necrosian
Equipment: Encumbrance Total:500 excluding treasure

  1. Gear Carried: Holy Symbol - Lead Bell, leather case of 50 Caltrops, Bedroll, 1 day of normal Rations, 1 day iron rations, Backpack, waterskin, 3 Torches, tinderbox, 12 Spikes, Large sack,
  2. Weapons: Mace, 2H Iron Spade, Sling, 30 bullets, 4 Silver Bullets.
  3. Armor: Serpentine Mail Helm, Heater Shield
  4. Treasure & Coinage: 110gp, 10x50gp Gems, 2 Eyes of Nalgnashnee, Quartermasters Coffer.
  5. Mount: Medium Warhorse, Saddle

Spells in Mind none

Background & Description: A tall slight, blond, amicable man, fond of good living. Paulus is nonetheless a fervent believer, who holds Forst's hatred of the undead first amongst his principles.
Fighting Style: Primarily defensive. Paulus concentrates on staying alive and holding his place in the line, blocking opponents from getting to Ivan.