Theater District of the City of Amber

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The Theater District is a collection of 30 blocks just north of the Main Concourse and below North Riding. It hosts theaters, playhouses, cafes, restaurants, and theater oriented services and residential spaces large and small. It borders a small area called the Cafe Ring.


The first Grand Opera House of Amber was built in 2210 as a gift from Oberon to his new queen Clarissa. its opera company is the oldest continually operating theater company in amber and is funded by the royal family. It was built in an open area that extended the Grand Concourse. It was burned to the ground in 2278 and rebuilt several blocks north of the Grand Concourse where it remains to this day anchoring the Theater District.

The rebuilding of the Grand Opera House included crating a dozen smaller venues for theatrical presentations as well as the Surrounding Row '

The Surrounding Row was built from 2281 to 22301 and consisted of housing with over 3000 apartments. It includes markets, courtyards, small parks, and community gardens.

Venues and Features[edit]

  • The Grand opera of Amber: The anchor of the Theater District
  • Kabelbee's House: A large theater for non-musicals.
  • High Thelusian Ring: A massive theater for all performance need run by the Thelusian government ministry of Arts.
  • Tanieara's Nook: A small cul-de-sac featuring several small stage venues and dinner theaters. Also supports a large farmer's market.
  • The Surrounding Row: A connected series of apartment buildings and amenities on the north edge of the district on the border into North Riding]
  • the Red House & the Red Company: A major theatrical venue and a major acting troup sponsored by Prince Bleys. Created shortly after Patternfall
  • Cougan's Stroll. This is a market and food stand district that features musicians and performers busking.
  • Barnum's Extrodinarium: Founded and funded by Lord Zachary, Son of Flora. Operated by Phineas Barnum, a entrepreneur and circus impresario, It is a sort of museum of the unusal performances.
  • Vigo's freak Show: The less said the better. This place has no signs, no advertisements, and is only found by those in the know. What they find they don't discuss.