Thessaly Gray (the Witch)

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I've lived in Silver Rock all my life, though my parents are originally from New York. My mom, Jen, is an art teacher at my school, and my dad, Martin, runs a downtown rock club, Wreck. I have a half-brother, Evan (my dad's son by his first wife). He's a troublemaker, to put it charitably. Uncharitably, he's a dick and a moron. He's the half back for the football team, and thinks he's God's gift to the sport. I also have a little sister, Rain. She's still in Elementary school, but she's damned smart for her age. I love her to bits.

Recently, I found a strange, ominous-looking old book hidden behind a bookcase in the school library. It's got all this weird, interesting writing about the occult. It's intriguing how people can do magical things by applying their will in particular ways. I've been trying some of it out, and it seems to actually work! I've taken things from people, small things like hair, handwritten notes, and make-up, and used them in rituals. I've found I can do this to see people from afar, to spy on them from my room. It's fascinating to see how people behave when they think nobody is watching. This new power is very, very exciting. I'm keeping it to myself for now, but I am wondering if there's anyone else around here who is like me.

Skin - Witch Look - Coy, deep eyes Origin - Awoken


Hot +1 Cold +1 Volatile -1 Dark +1


Sympathetic Tokens Hex-Casting (Wither, Watching) Sanctuary (Thessaly's bedroom)

Sex Move

After sex, you can take a sympathetic token from them. They know about it, and it's cool.

Darkest Self

The time for subtlety and patience is over. You're too powerful to put up with their garbage any longer. You hex anyone who slights you. All of your hexes have unexpected side effects, and are more effective than you are comfortable with. To escape your Darkest Self, you must offer peace to the one you have hurt the most.


"One of the others caught you rummaging through their friend's stuff, but kept quiet. They get a string on you."

Kenzie. Our lockers are quite close together, and I think she saw me trying to slip my hand into her friend's backpack while they were talking, their backs turned to me. I drew back pretty damn sharp, but I might not have been quick enough, because she's been looking at me strangely ever since. I need to be more careful when I'm hunting for tokens.

Sympathetic tokens

A page from Joshua's sketchbook. In art class, we were all asked to swap sketchbooks with the person next to us and compose a short critique. He got mine, I got his. There was an...interesting little doodle on a page near the back, hidden among the unused pages. Something about it's intricacy and symbolism intrigued me. I pocketed it while he was talking to my mom (though I don't get to call her that in class, it's Mrs Gray). He doesn't seem to have noticed yet.

Chloe's hair - Taken from a hairbrush I borrowed from her in the girls' bathroom between classes.