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Thessaly Gray

I've lived in Seattle all my life, though my parents are originally from LA. My mom, Jen, is an art teacher at Sols, and my dad, Martin, runs a downton rock club, Wreck. I have a half-brother, Evan (my dad's son by his first wife). He's a troublemaker, to put it charitably. Uncharitably, he's a dick and a moron. I also have a little sister, Rain. She's still in Elementary school, but she's damned smart for her age.

As for my school, it's ok. It's full of some real stuck up assholes though. When I first came here, I tried to make friends with one of the popular girls, but she brushed me off. I think she didn't like that I didn't flatter her endlessly and act submissive. I may not be a preppy princess, but having a parent involved in the music scene got me a small yet strong group of friends and admirers at school. Besotted guys and girls alike make me mixtapes, and I rarely have to use my own lunch money. One of the shy girls has started dyeing her hair like mine. It's kinda sweet and flattering. A few of the jocks have started calling us dykes though.

My friends & I, we spend our free time hanging out behind the dorms, talking about music, judging all the sad, sorry suckers that mill around the campus, occasionally plotting to sneak off into the city for gigs. Most of us are in the Mercury dorm, so it's easy to arrange our little pilgrimages in privacy. I also spend a lot of evenings just hanging out with my best friend, Luca, in his room. Well, I did, but not for a while. Things have been kinda awkward since we spent the night together.

Since I've been spending more time alone in my own room, I've been reading a lot more. I've gotten quite into stuff about the occult. It's intriguing how you can do magical things by applying your will in particular ways. I've been trying some of it out, and it seems to actually work! I've taken things from people, small things like hair, handwritten notes, and make-up, and used them in rituals to spy on them from my room. It's fascinating to see how people behave when they think nobody is watching. This new power is very, very exciting. I'm keeping it to myself for now, but I am wondering if there's anyone else around here who is like me.

Skin - Witch Look - Coy, deep eyes Origin - Awoken Stats - Hot 0 (with my +1), Cold +1, Volatile -1, Dark +1 Moves - Sympathetic Tokens, Hex-Casting (Wither, Watching)


"One of the others caught you rummaging through their friend's stuff, but kept quiet. They get a string on you." Cameron. I was sneaking up behind him & Caleb as they were walking into class, trying to slip Caleb's wallet out of his pocket, when Cameron turned his head and spotted me. I drew my hand back in a flash as they stopped suddenly, and I don't think Caleb noticed anything amiss, but I think Cameron saw a guilty look on my face. I tried to breeze over it by flirting with him, then dashing off for class. I really hope he doesn't say anything about it to anyone.

Sympathetic tokens

Jenny's hair, taken from her hairbrush when I asked to borrow it just before a class.

Veronika's bracelet. It fell off during an outdoor dodgeball game at the school Sports Day, and I surreptitiously picked it up out of the grass and pocketed it.

1) Which dorm does your half-brother Evan live in? He's a senior, of course, and pretends he doesn't know you, except when he gets into a screaming fight with you -- what was the last one about?

Evan is in Jupiter dorm, like most of the jocks. He's the half back for the football team, and thinks he's God's gift to the sport. The last time we had a fight was in the atrium leading into the dorms. I was on my way out, he was coming in. I think he'd either lost a game or gotten his ear chewed by the coach for foul play (he likes to stick the boot in), because out of nowhere, he growls at me that he hopes Rain doesn't turn into a slut like me and my mom. I scoffed at him, and said that was rich coming from someone whose mom is an alcoholic. I seriously thought he was going to leap at me right then, but instead, he leaned into my face, and yelled "cunt". I was going to headbutt him, but he was already striding off to his dorm, so all I did was stand there and shout to him that he was a loser and an asshole. He makes me so angry that every witty retort I have just vanishes behind the white noise of rage in my brain.

2) What's that shy girl's name, and hasn't she been spending a lot of time with Luca lately? How do you feel about that?

Oh, that's Isabelle Fairchild. She's made eyes at Luca since she joined our group, but also at me, so I wasn't sure what she was about. I don't know what she's playing at, hanging around Luca, but I don't like it. It feels kinda creepy. First she starts trying to look like me, then she latches onto my best friend. Maybe I can steer her towards someone else. This is not helping me figure out what to do about Luca. I like him a lot, but I'm scared of fucking up our friendship by making it more (though I guess we did that already, sorta). I had hoped the weirdness would just go away, but it's looking more like I'm going to have to actually have 'the conversation' with him, and possibly her too. I don't want to hurt either of them, they're good people, but I'm definitely not happy with how things are going. *heavy sigh*

3) Summer Wong used to hang out with you and your friends, but lately she stopped getting high with you, and just last week you found the band shirt you'd given her cut up into shreds in the trashcan of the girl's bathroom. What's that about?

I assumed when she stopped showing up that maybe someone had been pressuring her to avoid us. The t-shirt in the trash was worrying though. Whether someone else is pushing her to this, or if she's suddenly gotten a problem with me/us, I want to know.