Thia Galanodel

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Thia Galanodel[edit]


Half Elf Sorcerer Level 4

Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Background Outlander (Exile)

Description Fairly tall, barely three inches shy of 6', svelte and athletic, with pale white skin that sometimes shimmers like scale. Her eyes are copper and her hair is platinum blonde tending towards silver.


12 Strength +1

14 Dexterity +2

15 Constitution +2

10 Intelligence +0

8 Wisdom -1

17 Charisma +3


Proficiency Bonus +2

Weapons Daggers, Darts, Slings, Quarterstaves, Light Crossbow

Tools Shepherd's Flute

Saves Constitution, Charisma

Skills Arcana, Athletics, Nature, Persuasion, Stealth, Survival

Languages Gelini (Common); Elvish; Draconic; Sylvan; Goblin


Draconic Origin (Silver Dragon)

    Draconic Resilience (AC 13+Dex Bonus) +1 HP / Level)

Wanderer (Outlander)

    Excellent Memory for geography and maps, and always recall the general layout of terrain, settlements and other features around. 
    Can find food and fresh water for self and up to five people each day, based on terrain.

Darkvision (Half-Elf)


Fey Ancestry (Half-Elf)

    Advantage on Saves vs. Charm, immune to magical Sleep.

Font of Magic

    Sorcery Points 4; Flexible Casting)


Feat: Elemental Adept (Cold)

Equipment Quarterstaff; Hunting Trap; Dire Wolf Tooth; Traveler's Clothes; Sling; Component Pouch; Explorer's Pack' Two Daggers; 67 GP; 8 SP

Trinket: A dragon's bony talon hanging from a plain leather necklace.



Blade Ward; Light; Minor Illusion; Ray of Frost; Shocking Grasp

Spells Known 5

1st Level Spell Slots 4

Witch Bolt; Sleep

2nd Level Spell Slots 3

Phantasmal Force; Misty Step; Shatter

Trait Fidgety, always picking things up and playing with them.

Ideals Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed. Part of that obedience is acceptance of the constant change that is Nature.

Bonds My family threw me into the wild. One day, I will show them how it's shaped me.

Flaws Always eats her food raw.

Speed: 30'

AC: 15 (Draconic Resilience + Dex)

HP: 30

Attack Bonus +3 Melee / +4 Ranged / +5 Spell

Save DC 13

Quarterstaff (1H) 1d6+1 / (2H) 1d8+1

Sling 1d4

Ray of Frost +5 Attack 1d8 Cold, -10 Speed

Shocking Grasp +5 Attack 1d8 Lightning, no reactions

Witch Bolt +5 Attack 1d12 Lightning, +1d12 each action spent, as long as target is in range.

Phantasmal Force (Int Save) Internal, Mental illusion, Capable of doing damage if target believes, 1d6 Psychic damage per round target remains within 10' cube.

Shatter 10' Sphere within 60' range. 3d8 Thunder Damage (Con Save). Inorganic creatures are at Disadvantage, items not carried that are in area of effect, take full damage.

Inspiration: 0

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