Those Who Stare In The Black

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Welcome to Those Who Stare In The Black ... The Black Stares Back, a Serenity RPG campaign that begins a year after the Miranda Wave. Times are unsettled and the Alliance is busily closing up the gaps in the 'Verse... but there are cracks through which honest folk can still slip about.

This is the story of one group of folk doing whatever they can to get by.


Characters - Our players and our guest stars.
Timeline - Our adventure logs, journals, and RP entries.
Ships - Our ship and others that pass her in the Black.
Traveler's Guide to the 'Verse - A highly informal record of places we've been, people we've seen, and other subjective points of interest.

DISCLAIMER: Those Who Stare In The Black ... The Black Stares Back website is a not-for-profit website for the personal entertainment purposes only. Artwork has been added from the web and other sources, for the personal use of its readers only, and no violation of copyright is intended.

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