Through the Looking Glass

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Tobias Hughes, played by Leliel

Candi Cartouche ''(Teodora “Totya” Bogomileva Bakunina / Hotepsekhemwut “the two powers are at peace”)'', played by Tristissima & Nevermore


Munya Katou, Tobias' old lab partner. Seriously concerned over how cagey he's become, he keeps her at a distance due to the fact he suspects that Clara might be eying her for the host of a potential co-worker from the Red World given how seriously she disliked the professor that humiliated him and her own interest in the occult. Still occasionally plays video games with him, albeit over online connections now.

Leif Lindblom, a member of an old money family of Knossos, Leif is a heavy weight in the occult community who works a variety of shitjobs. He has engaged in some sort of strange denial-pact, by cutting himself off from his wealth and the temporal power that comes with it he has created a deep wellspring of raw mystical power to throw around. It is unclear how much knowledge he actually has of how to use it, but at a certain point the blockaded power of so much wealth makes the point moot.

Bee Petrikov, suspected to be a recruiter for an Agency, they are active in every occult community space that's semi-open. Their main gig seems to be a method of divination with standard playing card decks, including the two Jokers. They are also notoriously prone to in depth occult theorizing when drunk.