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This is a Godbound character played by Chronicler in the campaign, The Magnificent Four.

Thunor.jpg Quote: "Never again will I be bound by the shackles of enslavement."

Level: 4
Experience: 12
Languages: Kerez, Stangir*, Trade Cant, Yazik
Goal: To one day liberate the Ulstang Skerries from all of the Witch-Queens.

Strength: 13 (+1) 8+
Dexterity: 16 (+2) 5+
Constitution: 16 (+2) 5+
Intelligence: 15 (+1) 6+
Wisdom: 15 (+1) 6+
Charisma: 18 (+3) 3+

Hardiness: 10+
Evasion: 10+
Spirit: 9+

Effort: 5/5 (Committed: Duration 0, Scene 0, Day 0)
Influence: 5/5 (Committed: 0)
Dominion: 4 (Spent: 6)
Wealth: 0

Origin: Thunor is the illegitimate highborn son of Sif, one of the dreaded Witch-Queens of the Ulstang Skerries.
Past Career: Thunor was secretly taught divinatory magicks by a fellow slave, who turned out to be a captured Seer of the Bright Eye.
Relationship: Thunor is considered to be a dangerous defector and is being hunted down by the forces of Witch-Queen Sif.
Standing: Thunor is a local folk hero in the eyes of the common people of the port city of Kamenka in Nezdohva.
Cause: Thunor is a fervent advocate of the assimilation of the refugees of Ancalia, learning their native tongue in the process.
Hospitaller: Thunor is trained in the healing arts of The Merciful Hand, having been tutored by a survivor of an overrun hospice-caravan.

Move: 30' (Run) or 60' (Fly)
Base Attack Bonus: +4
Melee: Stormsword (Attack +7, Damage 1d10+3)
Ranged: Stormsword (Attack +7, Damage 1d10+3, Range 200 Feet)
Fray Die: 1d8

Armor Class: 1
Armor: Walk Between the Rain
Immunities: Bindings, Grapples, & Paralysis, Cold, Drowning & Suffocation, Electricity, Falling Damage, Injurious Sound, Mind-Controlling or Influencing Effects, Pushing & Tripping, Sleep, Starvation & Thirst, Surprise
Hit Points: 25/25

Alacrity: Dexterity 16, Cannot Be Surprised
Freedom: Invincible Defense Against Mind-Controlling or Influencing Effects
Sky: Does Not Need to Breathe, Invincible Defense Against Cold, Electricity, and Injurious Sound, Never Harmed by Falling

+ All Directions as One Constant
+ Swifter Than the Sun On Turn Commit Effort
+ Walk Between the Rain Constant
+ Receive the Incense of Faith Constant
+ Sanctify Shrine Action Commit Effort for the Day*
+ Smite the Apostate Action
+ Hear Prayer Constant
+ Shed the Need Constant/Action*
+ Unshackled Step Constant Commit Effort for the Day*
+ Excellence of the Sky (Charisma) Constant
+ Rain of Lightning Action
+ Sapphire Wings On Turn Commit Effort
+ Stormsword On Turn Commit Effort
+ Windsinger Action Commit Effort
++ Voice of the Wind Action

Apprentice: (1) Detect Curses or Magic, (2) Determine Likely Immediate Good or Bad Outcomes from a Choice, (3) Identify a Person's Predominant Character Traits if They Have Been Seen or Their Birth Date Is Known
Adept: (1) Gain Brief Visions of Familiar People and Their Surroundings, (2) Gain Visions of Important Events Likely to Happen to Him in the Next Week, (3) Identify Magic Items or Standing Spells, (4) Locate Lost Objects Familiar to Him, (5) Overhear the Sounds of a Remote Place He Has Visited Before
Master: (1) Ask Questions About Probable Futures and Receive Yes or No Answers, (2) Gain Visions of Where to Go to Find Something, (3) Locate People He Has Seen or Had Carefully Described to Him, (4) Scry Distant Locations Known to Him
Archmage: (1) Create a Movable Scrying Point in a Distant Location, (2) Locate Objects or People on a Casual Description, (3) Penetrate Weak Wards Against Divination, (4) Provide a Detailed Oracular Description of a Likely Near-Future Event

Apprentice: (1) Studied Beneficial Herbs and the Healing Arts
Adept: (1) Alleviate Non-crippling Symptoms, (2) Cure Non-lethal Diseases, (3) Magically Identify Esoteric Diseases, (4) Numb Pain, (5) Stabilize the Gravely Wounded
Master: (1) Bring the Gravely Wounded Back to Their Feet in a Functional State, (2) Correct Damaged Organs and Lamed Limbs, (3) Cure Lethal Diseases, (4) Grant Blessings to Protect Against Infection by Mundane Diseases, (5) Heal 1d6 Points of Physical Damage to Hit Dice or Hit Points
Archmage: (1) Cure Magical Diseases, (2) Grant Blessings to Protect Against Infection by Magical Diseases, (3) Heal 2d6 Points of Physical Damage to Hit Dice or Hit Points, (4) Regrow Missing Limbs and Body Parts