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Burnt Paper Zhong[edit]

Jianghu Rank: 1

Refresh: 2

Current FP: 2

Picture Aspects Skills
Zhong.jpg High Concept: Severed limb of Imperial intelligence

Trouble: Who can I trust?

Phase One: Woman easily overlooked

Phase Two: Get all the facts

Phase Three: Know your enemy

Great (+4) Deceive

Good (+3) Notice, Fight

Fair (+2) Rapport, Athletics, Chi

Average (+1) Physique, Empathy, Will, Investigate


Physical O O O

Mental O O O


Mild [2]: _________________________

Moderate [4]: _____________________

Severe [6]: _______________________

Kung Fu:[edit]

Storm Crane Style

One of the most fluid and adaptable of styles, Storm Crane favors soft deflecting defenses mixed with circular redirection of momentum leading to attacks. Practitioners use their superior balance to turn dodges and blocks into sweeping counterblows and use throws and pushes to keep targets at a distance, requiring them to telegraph attacks and open defenses by moving to close with the Storm Crane martial artist.


Storm Rumbles in Distance
Make a Fight or Athletics roll with a +2 bonus to create an advantage based on controlling or redirecting momentum.
If you move at least 1 zone as part of this action, or your opponent has moved at least 1 zone as part of their last action, gain a +3 bonus instead.

Storm Flows Around Mountain
If a target uses Full Defence in combat against you, gain a +2 bonus to your next attack against them.
You gain this bonus regardless of whether their Full Defence succeeds or not.

Crane Stuns the Carp
If you succeed on a Fight attack with style, you may create a Stunned advantage on a target with a free invocation instead of taking a boost.


Worthy Cringe
+2 to create advantage with Deceive when you try to appear unthreatening during a physical combat.

When it looks like you're going to go right, you go left. And vice versa. +2 to create advantages with Deceive that relate to confusion and misdirection in physical combat.

Mind Games
You can use Deceive in place of Provoke to make mental attacks, as long as you can make up a clever lie as part of the attack. (Fate Core, p.104)


Jiujin or "Nine Gold" Zhong is named after the gold-stamped but roughly-textured Joss Paper burnt to honour the spirits of loved ones. Dutiful soldier daughter of a military family, after a few years of military service she was recruited into the Imperial intelligence service and rigorously trained as an operative, grounding her in both Kung Fu and surveillance. She also became adept at infiltration and information-gathering: her skill at passing as a dimwitted servant or cleaner made her effectively invisible. She is a Woman easily overlooked.

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