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Shadow is vast and speeds vary. There are general relations between Time and Order. Amber & Avalon have a hard immutable time. Shadows around them have carried times in relation to them and they can change as the waves of shadow move.

The terminology is "Time in Shadow to Time in Amber". Amber has a 24 hour day/night cycle. It has a calendar of 12 months of 30 days, with 5 holidays. Shadow travelers can achieve extraordinary difference in time to Amber. Extremely experience shadow manipulators can in many cases change the time ratio of a shadow depending on many factors.

World To Amber: "Time in Shadow to Time in Amber"

  • Mandalay to Amber: "5 in Mandalay to 1 in Amber" Shortened to "5-1"
  • General Earth Worlds: "4 in Shadow to 1 in Amber"
  • Adrian's Dramaturge: "25 in the Dramaturge to 1 in Amber", "5 in the Dramaturge to 1 in Mandalay"
  • Nasty Place/ Rasak: "200 in NP to 1 in Amber"
  • Vine River: "30 in VR to 1 in Amber"
  • Diega: "3 in Diega to 1 in Amber"
  • Dreana: "10 in Dreana to 1 in Amber"
  • Racsir: "60 in Racsir to 1 in Amber"
  • Vulsara-Vulsar Base:"60 to 1 in Amber"
  • Adagalasck: "10 to 1 in Amber"
  • Calmir : "700 in Calmir to 1 in Amber" Shortened to "700-1"
  • Oracle of Night : "30 in Oracle of Night to 1 in Amber"
  • Tower of Grief : "1800 to 1 in Amber"
  • Abyss: Varies wildly, regionally, by levels, in buildings. two people talking to each other might experience different time speeds.
  • Courts of Chaos: Varies
  • Fane of Zilla: 1200 at the Fane to 1 in Amber" Shortened to 1200-1. However, time is funny this close to Chaos. Don't depend on it.
  • St. Masvir of Arkens Links: "45 in Arkens to 1 in Amber"
  • Nu Yark: 30 to 1 in Amber. Usually, sometimes 60 to 1, sometimes 15 to 1
  • Zunala: 30 to 1 in Amber

Sometimes a shadow manipulator will change a shadow to allow them to not lose time away from a particular shadow. Its structure is that when they are on the planet the time in relation to Amber flows one way and when they are away from the shadow it flows differently. The term is "Time Personally In Shadow to time in Amber: Time in Shadow While Away to Amber"

  • Flora-"30 in Kaloway to 1 in Amber: 1 in Kaloway to 8 in Amber." Shortened to "30-1-8"
  • Evelyn"40 in Twilight to 1 in Amber: 1 in Twilight to 30 in Amber" Shortened to 40-1-30"
  • Vance -"60 to 1 in Amber: 1 in Amber to 4
  • Vek-"55 in Bejas to 1 in Amber. 1 in Bejas to 3 in Amber" 55 to 1 to 3

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