Tir Con June 2023

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Slot 3: 3/2:Stuffed[edit]

Thursday, June 15, 5:00 AM 7 hours (UK Day)-Esther's game[edit]

Fiesty-Corwin's Stuffed cat'

For years you have been an Amberites most trustworthy companion. You were there with every tear, every laugh and lots of cuddles. You know their inner world, their pinky swears and their most beloved dreams. You have protected them when they were sleeping from bad dreams and the boogie man. And then they grew up. They did not need you anymore, but that was not something you are sad about. Your job was well done.

You have been stored somewhere for years, some of you in a place regularly visited, some in a place well-hidden and some of you have gotten a new job.

But.., all of a sudden you feel something is wrong. Your bestie is in trouble! And you need to rescue them! Not only do you have this creepy feeling.., you are able to move on your own! This will make your quest a lot easier. So off you go, finding answers and rescuing the one you swore to protect!

Onto adventure!


As you might have figured out already, you will be playing an Amberites childhood toy. This can be a stuffed animal, a doll, an action figure, whatever you want to play.

I would like a description of the toy and whose toy you were. A little background on who gave the toy and when would be appreciated. The more you give me to work with, the more I can incorporate into the story.

Hit Kitty

Slot 5: 5/1:Free Republic-Returning[edit]

Thursday, June 15, 8:00 PM for 5 hours (US Evening)[edit]

Miles "Bronze" McKinney Part of the serial Free Republic of Ygg campaign, in which the PCs are agents of the Republic against the tyranny of the far-future empires of Amber and Chaos. In this episode, the characters' mission is to take a message to the castle of the sorcerer Whisper. Sounds easy, right? But Whisper's castle doesn't stay in one place ... Slot 7: Friday, June 16, 2:00 PM for 5 hours (UK Evening = US Day) 7/1 WIP-Amber's game

You are living in current times in a research and development center.

Make a character that works there. Give me a bit of their personality and background.

Bronze [[1]]

Slot 7:7/1: WIP-Amber's game[edit]

Friday, June 16, 2:00 PM for 5 hours (UK Evening = US Day)[edit]

Dexter peck

Slot 8: 8/1: Oubliette[edit]

Friday, June 16, 8:00 PM for 5 hours (US Evening)[edit]

You are in Prison. It is a dismal yet effective place. You see some sunlight most days. Food is regular, in that it arrives in your cell most days. You can hear the rattling of jailers keys and mumbles of the guards on rotation. You have heard others, wails, scrapings, occasional curses. You can see other cells, if you take the risk of climbing to the barred window high on your door. This can lead to 'less regular' food, or broken fingers. It is said that all sentences have an end... This is set in a land of swords, sabres, cannons, and kings.


Please describe your character, and the crime they assume they have committed. The crime may be political, personal, religious, or otherwise, but it had to have truly angered someone in power. Or perhaps it is all a terrible misunderstanding or conspiracy... I would like a couple paragraphs describing the character. What are they good at? What are/were they known for? How long have you been in the prison? Do you remember? What do you do to keep what sanity you have left? What dreams do you have of freedom? What fears? Do you have any outside you fear for? dream of? Hope to see again?

Content: Imprisonment, pain, suffering, physical and psychological harm. Dark themes, these are prisoners. That said, I do hope to offer hope, and make this a game of a prison break.

Make a character that works there. Give me a bit of their personality and background.

Red Russel

Slot 10: 10/2:Fimbulwinter. Anja's g[edit]

Saturday, June 17, 2:00 PM for 5 hours (UK Evening = US Day)[edit]

Upon Oberon's return he insisted that his grandchildren are brought to Amber. When all went to fight at the Gates of Chaos you stayed behind to help Prince Regent Gerard to keep Amber running. The repair went well and all of the family should have returned by now. But years went by and nobody came home. And now winter came in summer.


Standard Rules from the ADRG book, 100 points, no Chaosians, no Logurs. Make your character beforehand and contact me on Discord. Pick your parent together with the GM (first come, first served)


Slot 12: 12/1:To plunder and steal. Amber[edit]

Sunday, June 18, 5:00 AM for 7 hours (UK Day)[edit]

The seas are wide. You are a crew of pirates, lawless entrepreneurs, or any other name you might give yourselves.

A rumor tells of a great treasure. A map has to be found. Will you and the crew be able to haul in this mysterious treasure.


Will follow soon.

The captain has to be one of the players Besides your role. Why did you turn to piracy? What do you enjoy about the life? What do you dislike? What are your fears? What are your vices? And of course any family or relations?

Quartermaster Casper Blackthorn