To: Redland Jack - October 12, 1932

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This letter currently in the possession of Redland Jack

Tony Grimaldi
Usher House
New York, New York

October 12, 1932

Redland Jack
Man of the World
c/o Seelie Court
New Jersey, USA

Dear Redland,

Glad to hear that you made it out of China safely, even if your departure may have been a tad precipitous!

Still, all in all reports seem to say the team accomplished everything it could in the time available. Maxine gave your assistance high marks and will likely ask your help in future operations. When time permits, I would be interested in hearing your impressions of Lee Mai, the representative of the League of Dragons that you met with. After a number of meetings, I am sure your thinking evolved.

I appreciate you sharing your feelings about the state of Wisphers and its current defenses. I expect that the House is a bit out of sorts. It had been in a shut-down mode with diminished capabilities for some time. Carl was able to awake it fully and get it back on the road to repair. Now, with him gone I am not sure how we will be able to help its evolution and growth.

I need to make another trip over to France so as to spend time speaking with your friend, Miss Laura. Other than the briefest of introductions, I have not had the opportunity to learn more about who she thinks she is.

Please do try to keep in her confidences and share anything you feel might be important. Even if she never becomes a Vessel, she is still a person of destiny and we need to try to help any of them we come across.

With the start of the Great Incursion War, anyone like her that is both extraordinarily sensitive and somewhat fragile as well should be considered to be at risk. I hope that she will continue to reside at Wisphers for the immediate future.

I would like to ask you to continue to speak with Marcus, particularly if you are just across the river in New Jersey. Marcus is new to all of this really, despite his upbringing, and I am sure that he appreciates the advice and counsel you can provide him. In addition, any more insight into their plans and capabilities before the start of the Incursion will be useful. Despite, or probably more likely as the result of, the eradication of the previous management and executive leadership, the surviving Penthius projects seem to be continuing their work if a bit chaotically.

I look forward to your report on progress towards insight pertaining to the mid-19th communities. I do not think we have heard the last from some of the survivors of the old days.

In any case, you should plan to be residing somewhere in Manhattan or the nearby communities at a location where you can be easily contacted no later than the 19th If you are not contacted by any of us before dawn on the 22nd, please proceed with all due haste to the address on the attached card.

I look forward to speaking with you in person again soon. In the meantime, please feel free to address me as you see fit. At this point, I answer to many names.

With Due Regards,

A. Grimaldi