To Build A Nation: Black Tongue

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Black Tongue[edit]

Character Intro


However you want to describe the character. What's memorable? How would someone describe them to someone else?


  • Courage d8
  • Faith d6
  • Guile d6
  • Reason d8
  • Vigor d8


All skills are d6, except for:

  • Craft d6 (Bone Work)
  • Fight d8
  • Notice d8 (Just Listen)
  • Treat d8 (Herb Lore)


Speaker for Clan Nymm of Znir d8
The pack listens when I speak. I raise my shield and the warband follows.

  • Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.
  • Bone Eater: Spend 1 PP to learn a true thing about, known by, or connected to someone you just ate part of.

A Death-Blade, Sheathed d8
I could carve a straight line from you to the underworld. Remember that.

  • Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.

Nurturing d8
Rest now, drink deep, and feel the grass. Your journey is almost over.

  • Gain 1 Plot Point when you roll a d4 instead of a d8.


  • Clan Nymm of Znir d6
  • Orophea d4
  • Complication: I let Name Eater into my heart in a moment of weakness d6
    • The Complication that sounds right is a hidden demon or Lord of Dust that wants a bite of the newly baking Droaam pie. My footing's less steady on Eberron fiend lore, but I know they're subtle, that minotaurs worship an aspect of one, and that Znir gnolls fight hard to purge their influence inside and out. Daydreaming about bone lore and recovering memories from the dead gave me the title Name Eater. It won't appear onscreen, but its cult and cats-paws would. A journey upward wouldn't be as fun without something from the pits.

lan and bussan[edit]

It is lan for gnolls to stalk, to kill, to endlessly fight, and to gnaw the bones of the slain. It is lan to keep your word, but not to hold back out of honor or decency. It is lan to steal the inheritance of the fiends, to greedily gnaw on their power and give nothing back.

It is bússan for gnolls to kill other gnolls for outsiders, although they will fight to first blood to fulfill a contract. It is bússan to let a gnoll be enslaved by mortal, monster, god, or fiend, especially the one inside. Znir and the pack always, always come first.

is there any lan and bússan for Death-Blades, sheathed or not?


Unnamed Ability 1d8 <----
Phrase like with Distinctions <----

  • Redirect Passion: Step back your Unnamed Ability in order to step back your opponent's Effect Die.

Signature Assets[edit]

  • Flind's Flail d6 (Rod of the Skull? Speaker's Mace? My Death is a nice blunt Black Tongue-ish name for reimagining an awful scary bad monster weapon as a symbol of self-reflection and respected authority)
  • Aegis of Remarkable Reflection d6 (a most excellent Dhakaani pavise with an unblemished mirrored surface, sized to be carried on one arm - sourced from the same hoard as Orophea's Diadem, with similar engravings on both)