Tori MacAlister

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Ashtoreth Hippolyte (Tori) MacAlister[edit]

Description: 5’5” tall, tanned, short brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Claimed by Another World

Stress Boxed: 7


Good+3: Agility Fair+2: Intellect, Focus Average+1: Cunning, Force, Mediocre+0: Poise


Driving, Martial Arts, Searching (Dumpster Diving and the Like), Surveillance (Staking out)

Mantle Traits[edit]

  • Fading Shield
  • Different: Dreamlands
  • Transformation: short-faced bear
  • Quick Exit
  • The Sight
  • World Walker
  • Adapted
  • Strange Geometry
  • Aptitude: Spacial Reasoning
  • Human Resilience


A daughter of a ‘new age’ mother, Tori is a private eye with a love of palaeontology and prehistory and fossil collecting. She was out searching for new pieces for her collection, when she found herself in an unusual place....