Transformers CP: Longview

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Name: Longview
Gender Identity: Male
Height: 16 meters
Vehicle Mode: Military scouting and surveillance helicopter
Appearance and demeanor: Longview is a giant robot, predominantly off-white in color with black detailing and elements. For an entity his size, he is lightly built and is capable of moving with some degree of stealth. He is normally gruff and withdrawn, something that covers up a remorseful and reflective personality. He prefers to move cautiously and thoughtfully, but is capable of acting quickly and decisively when necessary. He can also be more outgoing when he thinks something important is at stake or something engaged his curiosity about the cosmos around him.

Longview-vehicle.jpg Longview-robot.jpg


Strength: 1d6
Intelligence: 1d8
Speed: 1d6
Courage: 1d6
Endurance: 1d8
Skill (Physical dexterity): 1d8
Firepower: 1d6


Commander (Decision making, inspiring, talking with authority): 1d4
Diplomat (Negotiating and political savvy): 1d6
Engineer (Repairs, fixing & building equipment, jury-rigging): 1d8
Scientist (Understanding aliens & weird phenomena): 1d6
Scout (Sneaking, reconnaissance): 1d10
Soldier (Combat & use of explosives): 1d6


  • Decepticon Scout With a Thirst for Exploration 1d8/1d4: Before the war, Longview was an explorer, eagerly seeking out the unknown in order to learn about it. During the war, he faithfully served the Decepticons as a scout, putting aside his curiosity and thirst for knowledge in order to carry out his duties. Now that the war is over, he has found his old thirst for exploration and learning about the cosmos has reawakened.
    • SFX: Explorer’s Knowledge: Spend a PP to roll Scout instead of Scientist.
  • Memories of War 1d8/1d4: Longview served the Decepticons as a soldier and scout and still remembers all the skills he learned in the war. He also still remembers all the things he did in the war in the name of the Decepticon revolution—many of which, looking back from peacetime, he deeply regrets. He has promised himself he will not make such mistakes again, but always try to do the right thing.
    • SFX: Clear Moral Vision: Spend a PP to roll Intelligence instead of Courage.
  • Always Looking at the Big Picture 1d8/1d4: Longview believes that during the war, he became too narrowly focused on carrying out his assigned duties, never stopping to question his commanders or the purpose of what they were doing. This led him to carry out actions he know regrets and not see when the Decepticons lost their way, becoming the very tyrants they had initially risen up against. Now, he always tries to step back and see the big picture and to avoid being focused just on the details. He believes this is the only for him individually and the Cybertronians in general to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.


  • Surveillance d8 (Effect: Sensory): Longview’s body includes a suite of various surveillance and communication interception technologies.
    • SFX: Communication Interception: Spend a PP to create a 1d8 information-based asset.
    • Limit: Jamming: Shut down Communication Interception when appropriate jamming technology is used and gain a PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.
  • Transform d8 (Effect: Enhancement): Longview transforms into a military scouting and surveillance helicopter.
    • SFX: Helicopter’s Speed: Step up Speed to 1d8 and step down Skill to 1d6 when in vehicle mode.
  • VTOL Flight d6 (Effect: Movement): When in vehicle mode, Longview is capable of flight and vertical take-off and landing.