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The Base Form for each Vehicle in this Manufactured Set is a large Motorcycle that generically resembles a Harley Davidson.

It's made primarily from a Metallic Element known commercially as Transformium, which is Invulnerable to all conventional weapons and is capable of incredible feats of Shape Shifting.

The Vehicle is primarily designed for Road Combat and comes equipped with four (4) Weapons Pods (front, rear and one to each side) that, when combined with the Shape Shifting Tech allows for interchangeable and customizable weapons.

Integrated Replicator Technology allows for 'instant fabrication' of ammo or other needed expendables; fuels, coolants, other needed fluids, etc.

The Replicator Tech is tied in with the Shape Shifting Tech to allow for Rapid Self-Repair of any damage to the Vehicle.

The Vehicle is equipped with many Multi-Sensor Arrays, inside and out, to monitor the exterior, the interior (when applicable), the rider and the vehicle itself. The sensors are capable of scanning any number of bandwidths, frequencies, bodily vitals, etc., as well as the basic Physical Laws of the current Shadow, in order to keep itself functioning via its Shape Shifting Tech.

The Sensors are also capable of sending and receiving any number of communication signal types.

When applicable, the vehicle has an air filtration system capable of filtering our most viruses, bacteria and toxins OR can have a fully sealed Environmental System, including; air-tight and pressurized passenger cabin, air tanks with Replicated air, air scrubber systems, etc.

The Vehicle comes equipped with an Integrated AI that includes Advanced Combat Programming. The AI is integrated into every Vehicle System and is capable of controlling all of its functions; Transforming, Self Driving, Self Firing Weapons, Self Opening Doors, Using Scanners, etc. The AI can adapt to conditions, protect itself and its Rider (even if the Rider is inexperienced) and will behave in the manner that an Experienced Rider would; make appropriate choices as well as anticipate choices.

For its Primary Rider/Companion the AI seems to exude a sense of willingness and a comfortable companionship. It also seems to have a Sense of Protection for its Primary Rider and will automatically make changes to protect them, this can include things like: avoiding flying debris and road hazards, but also includes a general protection from the elements; rain, wind, dust, etc., and elements of a material nature being cast at it and its Rider, including; insects, rocks, hail and even bullets and explosions.

The AI can somehow 'predict and compensate' for most hazards, but this does not explain the general protection from 'The Elements'; wind, dust, rain, etc. that the Vehicle affords its Rider. This phenomenon is still unexplained by the creators of the Transformium Vehicles and is explained away as a 'Feature' but not actually explained. This protection can even extend, in extreme conditions, to include a thin layer of protective Armor that the Vehicle Shape Shifts around its Rider when conditions call for a higher level of protection. Upgrades to the AI and other Systems are possible.

The Motorcycle (Base Form) is capable of being customized and altered, due to necessity or desire, via its Shape Shifting Technology. This includes, but is not limited to: changing paint color, design and decals (and other personal comforts or vanities), changing the motorcycle to look like a different make, model or style of the same motorcycle, changing the motorcycle to a very different style of motorcycle (different maker & design), changing to a different type of motorcycle (off-road, track racing, etc.) and even changing to a different type of two-wheeled vehicle of approximate mass. This also includes adding and removing features as desired; sound system, weapons, vanity lighting, windshield, seat for two, etc.

The Vehicle is also capable of Shape Shifting into other Vehicle Forms, each as Customizable as the Base Form. Examples include, but are not limited to; a Trike Motorcycle or other small three-wheeled vehicle, a Very Small Car or Truck or similar very small four-wheeled vehicle, a Small Box Trailer or Small Camper Trailer or similar small single axle tow trailer, a Small Wagon or similar two axle drawn open cargo 'trailer', a Large Two-wheeled Cart. Small Boats or Water Craft, Very Small Submersibles and Very Small Aircraft are other possibilities for Alternate Forms. Snowmobiles would generally be considered a specialized form of Motorcycle, the Base Form, so an Alternate Form would not be needed for cover this vehicle option. Other Engine Powered, People Powered and Towed/Drawn Vehicles are possible.

However, the most incredible Feature of this Transforming Motorcycle, is its ability to Combine with the other Motorcycles of its same Manufactured Set. This Combining allows for two or more Motorcycles to Combine together to form a larger vehicle or vehicles. The more Motorcycles Combined together, the larger the Combiner Vehicle can be. Most Combined Forms for the Combiner Vehicles are larger versions of the Base Form's Alternate Forms, as well as other specialty vehicles, such as; RVs, Construction Equipment, Armored Vehicles, Tanks, Tractor Truck & Trailer, Motor Boats, Yachts, small cargo or passenger Aircraft, Jet Fighter, small Submarine, etc.


Cost in Pips[edit]

  • 60 Pips Total (20 Pip Item)
  • X3 Cost: Horde Qty: 1,000+


  • 2 Intelligence: Speak & Sing
    • Limited AI: Semi-sentient Learning Computer
    • Able to adapt to conditions, protect itself and its riders, even if they are inexperienced.
    • Able to behave in the manner an experienced rider would, make appropriate choices and even anticipates choices.
    • For its Primary Rider/Companion it seems to exude a sense of willingness and comfortable companionship. It seems to have a sense of protection for its Primary Rider.
    • Capable of controlling its own systems; self driving, firing weapons, opening doors, etc.
    • Upgrades possible.
    • Tied to Vitality & Combat Reflexes.
  • 1 Animal Vitality
    • Brings inanimate objects to life. Semi-Sentient
    • Tied to Intelligence/AI and Combat Reflexes.
  • 2 Combat Reflexes
    • Combat Programming & Design:
      • Efficient for a Combat Vehicle.
      • Optimally Placed Weaponry Positions.
      • Primary forward Weapon Pod, Two Secondary side (1 each) Pods and a Rear Pod for liquid dispensers.
      • Amber Ranked Warfare for self-fired weapons and Combat Maneuvers.
    • Tied to Intelligence/AI and Vitality.
  • 9 Invulnerable (4) + Transfer (5)
    • The vehicle itself is extraordinarily rugged and resistant to damage and wear.
    • The vehicle's Rider also receives protection from the elements, general fire effect, wind damage and elements of a material nature being cast at it including; insects, rocks, bullets, explosions.
      • This is achieved in part by the AI compensating for the environment and adjusting speed or course to avoid hazards to the Rider.
      • The Vehicle can also provide a thin layer of protective Armor to encase the Rider, via its Shape Shifting Powers/Technology, to give the Rider full bodily protection during extreme situations; severe hail storm, plague of locusts, firefight, etc.


  • 4 Limited Shape Shift
    • Shape Shifting resembles Transformer Technology. Multiple Alternate Forms. Allows for changes in appearance, alterations and add-ons to any Form. Includes automatic Self-Repair.
    • Tied to Rapid Healing.
  • 2 Rapid Healing
    • Automatic & Rapid Self Repair.
    • Tied to Shape Shifting.

Integrated Features[edit]

  • Replicators
    • Tied / Integrated to multiple Systems
    • Tied to Shape Shifting
  • Multi-Sensor Arrays
    • Interior & Exterior Systems & Environment Sensors
    • Exterior Short & Long Detection Sensors
    • Star Fleet Level Tech (if possible)
  • Weapons Pods
    • Capable of Modifying Weapons & Weapon Types
    • Capable of Creating / Replicating Ammo
    • Tied to Replicators
  • Environmental Systems
    • Tied to Replicators

Standard Forms[edit]

  • Highly Customizable. Limited Numbers & Types
    • Up to 12 Basic Forms/Types: (6 Pre-Programmed)
  • (Base Form) Large Harley-type Motorcycle; or any equivalent large two wheeled motorized vehicle
  • Trike-type Motorcycle; or any equivalent large three wheeled motorized vehicle
  • Small Car; or any equivalent small four wheeled motorized vehicle
  • Tiny Box Trailer; or any equivalent tiny trailer with an enclosed body (utility, camping, etc.)
  • Small Wagon; or any equivalent small four wheeled non-motorized 'wagon'
  • Tricycle Rickshaw; a three wheeled pedal-powered (non-motorized) vehicle with attached two wheeled rickshaw or cart
    • Possible Additional Forms/Types:
  • Small Fishing Boat w/ Outboard Motor
  • Personal Water Craft; Jet Ski, Water Bike, Personal Jet Boat, etc.
  • Ultra-Glider / Personal Prop or Jet Plane
  • Sea Breacher; Personal Underwater Vessel
  • Mini-Submarine / Diving Bell
  • Powered Body Armor; Full Environmental Systems

Combiner Forms[edit]

  • Highly Customizable. Limited Numbers & Types
    • 6 Combiner Combinations, each with 3-6 Basic Forms/Types
  • (2 Vehicles) Motorcycle w/Sidecar, Standard Car, Small Box Trailer
  • (3 Vehicles) Medium Car or Truck, Small RV, Medium Camper Trailer
  • (4 Vehicles) Large Car or Truck, Standard RV, Large Camper Trailer
  • (6 Vehicles) Large RV, Construction Vehicle, Herkimer Battle Jitney,
    • Also, a Very Small Voltron-like Battle Robot (2 Passenger: 1 Operator +1)
  • (8 Vehicles) Huge RV/Tour Bus, Large Construction Vehicle, Damnation Alley Landmaster
  • (12+ Vehicles) Small Land Train, Small Rail Road Train Engine & Caboose,
    • Also, a Small Voltron-like Battle Robot (4 Passenger: 1 Operator +3)
  • (18+ Vehicles) Large Battle Robot (6 Passenger: 1-2 Operators +4-5)
  • (24+ Vehicles) Huge Battle Robot (8+ Passenger: 2-6 Operators +2 or more)

Raphael's Group & Set Specifics[edit]

Group Pool; Cost in Pips per Character:[edit]

  • 60 Pips Total for Vehicle Set
    • Primary Contributors: Rafe, Fitz, Wrecker, Reggy, Collette, Slugger, Runner, Gunner, Candy, Len, Kole, Olive, Elmer
    • Additional Contributors Possible
      • [12 Characters = 5 Pips each]
      • [15 Characters = 4 Pips each]
      • [20 Characters = 3 Pips each]
      • [30 Characters = 2 Pips each]
      • [60 Characters = 1 Pip each]

Number of Vehicles by Character:[edit]

needs to be revised

Typical Full Group Traveling Configurations[edit]

needs to be revised

A Brief History of Transformium:[edit]

The Metal called Transformium, as it's commercially known on the World of Earth 333 (that's what Rafe calls the World) actually comes from another World (a World Rafe calls Cybertron 333) across the same galaxy and within the same Shadow (a Shadow Rafe calls, you guessed it, Shadow 333). The Base Metallic Element that makes up Transformium is the Primary building block for a Race of Sentient Robotic Shape Shifting Beings that proliferate a corner of that Galaxy. The metallic Element came to be on the World of Earth 333 when a massive Spaceship, an Arc, carrying millions of these 'Transformers' crashed into the planet. The 'Primes' of the Arc knew they were all doomed and could not save themselves, but they could save the planet; the Arc Ship was so large it would be like a massive asteroid slamming into the planet, changing it forever or possibly destroying it utterly. It was decided that the Arc would be destroyed using the Energy Sources from the entire Colony of Transformers currently lying dormant within the now dead Arc Ship. The Ship and Transformers were not destroyed, per se, but simply blown into smaller pieces, which rained down upon the planet below over the course of several days, peppering the pre-primeval planet with a Transforming Metal. The impacts were severely damaging to the planet's crust, penetrating completely in some cases which caused some volcanic activity and helped melt down this Alien Metal, bury it with the earth and blend the new metal in with the existing minerals and metals of the planet. However, the Base Metallic Element's Shape Shifting power began to affect other metallic elements in came in contact with or came in proximity to and Transformed those metals, and itself, into the metal now commercially known as Transformium. The upside of this odd Side Effect is that the planet has an overabundance of an Invulnerable Shape Shifting Metal... the downside is that few caches of the other Metallic Elements native to Earth 333 can be found and they are extremely rare resources or commodities.

Billions of years later, the Humans of Earth 333 discovered the metal, but due to a lack of power and programming, the metal's Shape Shifting abilities were undiscovered for millennia, and the Humans of Earth 333 were none the wiser as to the metal's Origins... nor of two of its rather unique qualities; the Element was 'alive' on some level, though not truly sentient, as well as it being innately capable of Shape Shifting and holding its Form with proper energy input and programming / instruction / learning.

Incomplete and Unedited

A Brief History of Earth 333[edit]

Earth 333 (as called by Rafe) evolved and advanced as did his Earth World, except for two major distinguishing factors; the first being the Meteor Storm of Dead Transformers just before the Dawn of Life, and the other being that when a man named Jesus died, it did not spawn a new religion, in fact, it pretty much ended religion as we know it all together, thus allowing science and art to advance at a normal pace, without fear of persecution or censorship. As religion faded out and science grew, religious intolerance and other forms of intolerance also began to fade away, so the period known as The Dark Ages on most other Earth Worlds, never happened on Earth 333, and so a thousand years of fear, oppression and death ceased to be for this one lucky Earth World.

Earth 333 generally was and is more peaceful than most other Earth Worlds, but it had its share of Conflicts and Wars, but not currently and not for a long time. ...........

Though it is currently the year 2022, by most other Earth World Tech Standards it would seem like it's 3022; war, disease, famine have all disappeared and technology and science have grown by leaps and bounds. However... Commercialism, Consumerism and Capitalism still thrive, and "War is good for business... just not Wars in OUR World." is an axiom amongst the Dealers of Weapons and Combat Vehicles that are used primarily 'Off World'.

Sometime during Earth 333's past, before Humans evolved, numerous Shadow Paths came into existence around the world, possibly caused by heavy Shadow Storm activity during the Age following the Meteor Impact that ended the Reign of the Dinosaurs. It's rumored there are over 100 Shadow Paths leading off of or on to Earth 333, but only 89 can be confirmed. It is unknown if the presence of Transformium on Earth 333 had correlation or connection to the Shadow Storms or the Shadow Paths.

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A Brief History of The DEViCe Corporation[edit]

The DEViCe Corporation, a subsidiary Corporation of The Johnson, Johnsson & Jonnson Mega-Corporation, was founded by David Edward Von Classen; a Physicist, Engineer, and Financial & Marketing Genius. It is the leader in cutting edge Transforming & Combining Technology and is the Parent Corporation for multiple Manufacturing & Customizing Companies around the world that specialize in Transforming Vehicles (ground, water, submersible, air and even space), Heavy Equipment (land & underwater construction, etc.), Powered Tools (small & large), Weapons (of every type) and Weaponized Vehicles (standard military).

Incomplete and Unedited